Showtime For St. Anthony's Wrestler

Big week for Jamel Hudson, who plans to sign with Hofstra and is contestant on MSG Varsity talent show.

Few teens have felt the spotlight’s glare quite like the one focused on Jamel Hudson. This week alone, the senior had his face adorn a national magazine, a musical performance hit TV and intends to sign a full-ride college scholarship.

While the common thread is his outstanding season on the mat, Hudson’s versatility is what’s caught everyone’s attention. He’s got moves – and a voice – that go well beyond his wrestling skills. 

Hudson, who became just the fourth Catholic league wrestler to ever win a state Federation title, was recently named state wrestler of the year. It’s a feat that earned mention in the latest Sports Illustrated.

Meanwhile, Hudson also appeared on the MSG Varsity Talent Show.

And Friday he signs a National Letter of Intent to wrestle at Hofstra.

“I’m truly blessed with the opportunities been given me,” said Hudson, who lives in Bay Shore and won the 132-pound weight class in February. 

Hudson is also a gifted entertainer who envisions a future beyond wrestling but still very much in the spotlight. He performed a well-received show at St. Anthony’s earlier this school year and was picked by MSG Varsity to be a contestant in its high school talent show.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do what I really love,” Hudson said, who was given a roster sheet of songs to perform. He chose “I Can’t Help Myself,” by the Four Tops.

In typical Hudson fashion, it’s a physical performance as much as vocal triumph. The top vote-getters move on. Voting ends Thursday 9 a.m. 

Regardless how the vote goes down, Hudson has an eye on the big picture: “My personality and hard work are going to get me where I want to be.”

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