Roof Repair Underway at Whitman

School district administrators assess schedule to reopen.

Two buildings in the South Huntington school district have power,  superintendent David Bennardo said Thursday, but the district remains closed this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Communication continues to be a problem, he said, with both email and network problems, though some phones are working at the high school. The district can remotely access its website, and information is also posted on  the Whitman and Stimson signs for notification.

He also said:

  • The SAT Exam scheduled for Saturday at Whitman has been rescheduled for Nov. 17.
  • LIPA has been unable to predict a date for service restoration.
  • Oakwood Primary was hit by a tree but there doesn't seem to be any structural damage.
  • Fallen trees and downed wires have made many nearby streets impassable. And bus transportation could be hampered by non-functioning traffic signals.
  •  Administrators will continue to assess the situation throughout the weekend.

Because of the closings, the school is studying how to handle meeting the state-mandated minimum number of days. The State Education Department requires a minimum of 180 days of school. The South Huntington District has 182 instructional and 3 conference days. Bennardo said, "The Western Suffolk superintendents will be communicating with the commissioner's office regarding  the 180-day requirement. And the Board of Education and district administration will be examining all options and requirements regarding instructional day additions."

Big_E November 01, 2012 at 11:36 PM
We have already missed 5 days of school. So if we lose the two extra days that's 177 days of school. Start taking away from February break. It's the only thing they can do. What happens if we get snow? Are they going to force the kids to go to school in bad weather because they don't want to lose vacation days?
laura November 02, 2012 at 02:53 AM
you should count your lucky stars your alive after this storm. quityourbitchin about missed days
Bebe November 02, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Why would it be a problem to take days away from the long breaks and extend school into summer at the end of the school year if need be? I understand the testing schedules may be affected but we're only 2 months into the year, maybe things could be rearranged at this time without major difficulty?
Rokon Ahmed June 05, 2013 at 06:12 AM
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