County Political Leaders Jump Into 18th District Race

GOP slams Spencer and'disgraceful' mailing, while Democratic website mocks Black.

Suffolk County’s top Republican weighed in Wednesday on the 18th Legislative District race, calling recent Democratic campaign mailings condescending and sexist.

The Democrats, meanwhile, took their arguments online, creating several websites devoted to attacking their Republican opponents.

At issue are flyers sent out against, a member of the Huntington school board who is seeking to replace county legislative leader Jon Cooper, who is term limited. She is running against Democrat Dr. William R. Spencer for the seat, which covers a large swath of the Town of Huntington.

The flyers refer back to a comment Black made to Patch in February. When asked about her experiences in public office, she replied, “When you run for a position like that, you know it isn’t going to be easy. It’s not going to be all cupcakes and lollipops.”

One flyer showed a photo of Black appearing to pop out of a cupcake and noted her quote to Patch.  “If Elizabeth Black’s tax increases weren’t enough, her out-of-control spending the school board takes the cake," the mailer reads.

Another flyer superimposed Black’s photo over colorful lollipops, added a line, “suck it up and pay more taxes,” and targets Black’s votes on school budgets.

Suffolk County GOP chairman John LaValle said Wednesday that the mailers showed that Spencer  “is exactly the kind of person we need to keep out of government.

“To depict a woman popping out of cakes with a money is a disgrace. It’s very distasteful to all society," he said. "I think women should be outraged. Is Spencer that desperate that he’s going to drag a very thoughtful, articulate, nice person thorugh the mud? He’s running his campaign in the mud. He is nothing more than a sexist.

“It’s so condescending, it’s disgraceful. This alone is a reason not to vote for Spencer,” LaValle said. “If I ever put out a piece with a Democrat woman popping out of a cake, I would be asked to resign.”

Democrats took their criticism to a website focused on Black, raising questions about her voting record on the Huntington school board. The site refers to her as a bureaucrat and presents a short quiz about raising taxes, such as "Who voted to raise your taxes?" The only possible answer on the quiz is  "A. Elizabeth Black."

And Rich Schaffer, Democratic chairman, said on a conference call Tuesday that Black had “spent her time raising taxes; she was the only board member to vote against decreasing the salary when the former superintendent left. She had the opportunity to get a new one at $80,000 less. She was the only person to vote against that, and one of four to vote to close down Abrams,” and said the district would have to spend millions if it chose to reopen the school that was closed in response to the fears of some residents about neighborhood crime.

“She’s demonstrated an unawareness of what people are going through,” Schaffer said. “People are paying attention to it (the campaign), and it’s been an overreaction on Liz’s part. She’s been a public official. She knows when you make statements like that, it’s going to be used. The mailers have highlighted her record and that’s what she’s really annoyed at. She’s looking to create a diversion.”

LaValle, too, sees the mailers as a diversion. “We should be talking about the issues, the taxes, the spending, and the debt, and how we’re going to get out of these circumstances, get people back to work, to stay in their homes, rather than dragging a woman through the mud,” he said.

The general election is set for Nov. 8.

2 Turn Tables October 13, 2011 at 10:58 AM
This is what I find funny. The Democratic party, has been disrespecting women for decades (Kennedy, Clinton, etc..) while they voice a strong voice for women's rights, pro-choice, and affirmative action. Their own party disrespects their very own gender consistently, and they still support them?
Joseph October 13, 2011 at 11:07 AM
The Democratic party does not disrespect women and most women are not actually offended by this. This is a distraction enjoyed by Ms. Black's campaign. It's just better for everyone to stick to the issues.
2 Turn Tables October 13, 2011 at 11:22 AM
Sarah Palin, Mary Jo Kopechne. Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton's Presidential run, Michelle Bachman?
Joseph October 13, 2011 at 11:30 AM
I mean we could go back and forth and talk about all the anti-people things the Republicans have done but this doesn't advance any dialogue. The fact is, I don't believe Democrats ore Republicans are anti-women as a party. Are there ever people in a party who may be, sure, but judge them as people. This debate is like saying an entire religion is this way or that way. Far to global in generalizations. The Democratic party in Suffolk County works hard and fairly. Putting out negative pieces about opponents is par for the political course. You can try to make it personal but this goes on everywhere and in every race. Ms. Black has publicly been negative about parts of Huntington, municipalities, police statistics and the like at meetings that were supposed to be about education. When she goes negative up on the dais is that not "going negative?" I think it is. Vote for (or don't vote for) the candidates based on the merits. I'm sure we can all advance a dialogue here that speaks to that if it's what people are interested in doing. Everything else is a distraction.
J. Christopher October 13, 2011 at 11:50 AM
"Putting out negative pieces about opponents is par for the political course. You can try to make it personal but this goes on everywhere and in every race." People are tired of the status quo of this exact sentence. That is what the article is about. A Doctor launching a hate campaign against his opponent because he is unable or unwilling to run on his own merit is disgraceful. Someone else wrote this on another blog. It sums it up nicely as to why these flyers be circulated by Spencer campaign are full of lies. "Its clear this town is divided into two camps and most people in those respective camps are entrenched in their opinions. But for those on the fence, not sure what side to vote come November, heed this: cont.....
J. Christopher October 13, 2011 at 11:51 AM
In order to correct a problem, any problem, you need to get to the root cause. The root cause of the issues of this town (gang violence, shootings, the closing of JAI, issues with the tax base, school funding) all stem from the failed policies of those that have been in office for years at Town Hall and the HHA. That includes Petrone, Jackson, Berland and Spencer. Their preference towards high-density housing, their lack of retribution for illegal housing and their general policies of the same-old, will continue to negatively impact all facets of the communities within School District #3. It might have been wrong to close JAI (I was actually against the closing). But the closing of the school was a reaction (right or wrong) to the underlying MORE important issue: a continued push towards unsustainable high-density housing without policies in place to crack down on the epidemic of illegal housing.
J. Christopher October 13, 2011 at 11:51 AM
The most critical issue for this coming election in the Town of Huntington (specifically School District #3) is the candidates stance on housing density and illegal housing. That is the root cause and without a change in direction, things will never improve. I am a life long Democrat. I have never, ever voted Republican, whether presidential election or local politics. I have always gone into the booth and simply pulled the lever straight across the democratic party. But this November, I will cast my vote for those candidates that oppose the same-old policies that have gotten this town into this position. I will oppose Jackson, Berland and Spencer without hesitation. Root cause. Without addressing it, nothing will change." Off to work now to pay pay pay and can't wait till election day.
Patched Out 2 October 13, 2011 at 12:22 PM
Actually to get to the root cause of the problems in this town, you have to go back further in history to understand what occured starting in the 1960's. Here is a good source of where much of that info is captured.... http://www.portraitofalostneighborhood.org/
Jay Veno October 13, 2011 at 01:04 PM
Interesting perspective: I don't agree that the most important issue is a person's stance on illegal housing. It is much broader than that. Illegal housing is ONE root cause of crime but there are many others. Poverty and joblessness probably top that list. I think the next legislator and town candidates need to have ideas to create jobs, work with all parts of government (I'm so tired of seeing this government hates that government-its unproductive) and needs to be civil and able to work with people in a bipartisan way. I also think the next (town and county) rep needs to have plans for helping get kids involved in positive activities and clear plans to combat crime. Illegal housing is a piece of that. It's certainly not the only root cause.
Kara October 13, 2011 at 01:17 PM
I think there are two very important issues in each of the elections this year: Job creation and keeping taxes low (fiscal restraint). I want to see programs and arts and everything else, but first, I want to see budgets without waste and taxpayer relief. Plain and simple!


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