Berland Seeks Apartment Views

Rental vs. ownership is the question for Ruland Road project.

Councilwoman Susan Berland is surveying residents about their interest in purchasing one-bedroom apartments, part of the debate on the future of a proposed housing development on Ruland Road in Melville.

The Affordable 1-Bedroom Ownership Survey for Ruland Road and a related statement from Berland compares rental and ownership costs, based on pricing at the Knolls in Melville. Based on those figures, the cost of ownership and renting is virtually the same. The survey on the town website asks, "Are you a young professional, senior, veteran or family interested in buying a one-bedroom affordable co-op/condo unit in Melville?" 

Berland said, ""Homeownership should not be for the select few. I believe that Huntington residents would jump at the chance to own an affordable one-bedroom apartment rather than merely renting."

On Tuesday, a coalition of housing activists gathered at Town Hall to urge the Town Board to approve a proposed settlement in an NAACP lawsuit against the town involving the configuration of apartments on Ruland Road. The Town Board will consider whether to accept the settlement next week. Terms of the settlement are still being negotiated but as of Tuesday included units of one, two and three bedrooms.

Originally proposed as one-bedroom, equity apartments, the apartments have been the center of debate for more than a decade. The coalition at Town Hall Tuesday, from veterans to the NAACP to a young professionals group, wants more affordable apartments, with a developer offering a specific plan for a 117-unit mix of rentals.  

"Ownership means stability and an opportunity to build equity," Berland continued. "It also means securing a permanent place as a member of the Huntington community, which will continue to make the town vibrant for years to come. I have long been in favor of rental opportunities in Huntington. But for Ruland Road we should not sacrifice the opportunity before us to help Huntingtonians achieve the 'American Dream' of home ownership. I believe that the taxpayers will agree, and I look forward to hearing what they have to say." 

The Town Board will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Chris F December 05, 2013 at 08:51 PM
Abby I would agree that under your circumstances that homeownership is out of the question. There are 2 question you should ask yourself. 1. Are you happy with your current situation? If so that is great and I applaud you for doing something you have passion for and raising your child. It is difficult to achieve. 2. If owning a home is a priority for you have you looked at what you can do to change your situation? Please understand I have many other careers I would enjoy more than what I do, however owning a home was important to me so I sacrificed.
2 Turn Tables December 06, 2013 at 11:08 AM
Now, the Democratic party are masters of giving stuff away, to increase their voting base. So the "Fair Housing" people, who don't live in Huntington, will be out in full force. I can see bad lending cycle starting to materialize. "How can I get a down payment?" Well, lets have the Federal Government lean on the banks to lend money out to people who shouldn't receive it, whether it be for bad credit scores or not enough in come. Then when the Feds force the banks to make loans they don't want, and the people default, THEN, we can blame Wall Street and the banks for predatory lending practices and racism. The show never ends.
G December 06, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Seems interesting to me that these are the same prices one would pay to rent/own coops in western Queens. Those are old WWII era buildings, where the units are functional but small, sparse, and out of date. Very popular with retirees and first generation immigrants.
G December 06, 2013 at 02:25 PM
I should add that many retirees and first generation immigrants often have savings enough for the downpayment. Both are traditionally groups that save money over the years.
Jason Knighte March 24, 2014 at 06:30 PM
It will be interesting to see how the housing deal pans out. I like one bedroom apartments, but I am also single right now. If I was married I would want a 2-3 bedroom apartment so that I have room for kids and an office. Jason|http://www.pickettproperties.com/


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