Suffolk Police Incidents: Stolen Purse; Fighting

Incidents reported in the second precinct between March 24-29.

The following incidents were reported in the Suffolk Police Department second precinct between March 24 and 29.

  • A woman's purse was stolen after she left it unattended while switching carts at the Huntington Station Marshall's.
  • A verbal dispute escalated after an employee pushed a co-worker at a Jericho Turnpike business in Huntington Station.
  • Two cars were damaged by an unknown person on Soundview Avenue in East Northport on the same day.
  • A verbal dispute became physical on Jericho Turnpike in East Northport when one person pushed and punched another.
  • Someone at Walt Whitman Mall received alarming text messages from an unknown person saying that he or she knew the complainant's whereabouts and what the complainant was wearing.
  • Two cars were damaged by unknown persons while parked at the Huntington Long Island Rail Road Station.
  • An unknown teen male stole assorted items from Rite Aid in Huntington.
  • The rear passenger side of a car on Lowndes Avenue in Huntington Station was spray painted.


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