Cops to Crack Down on Seat Belt Violators

Expect checkpoints to enforce compliance.

Suffolk County police are joining the Buckle Up New York--Click It or Ticket campaign starting Monday.

The goal of the campaign, which run through Nov.28,  is to increase  seat belt use. The campaign is funded through the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.

Police officers will take a zero-tolerance approach to violators of seat belt laws by conducting checkpoints and adding patrols.  In addition to the Click it or Ticket Campaign, officers will actively be enforcing other provisions of traffic laws with special attention to those relating to aggressive and unsafe driving, such as tailgating, speeding, passing red lights, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The following provisions of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic law pertain to seat belt and child safety seat usage:

  • All children under the age of 4 must be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat or if a child's weight exceeds 40 pounds, in a child restraint system in conjunction with safety belts, the restraint system must meet size and weight recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Children ages 4 through 7 must be properly restrained in an appropriate child restraint system that meets the height and weight recommendations according to the manufacturer. The safety belt alone is not a child restraint system.
  • All front seat occupants ages 8 and up must wear a seat belt.
  • All rear seat passengers ages 8 through 15 must wear a seat belt.
  • The driver of the vehicle is responsible for passengers under age 16 that are found to be in violation of the law. 


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