Ideal Cheese Finds a Home on Main Street

Specialty restaurant opens in Huntington village.

Ideal Cheese moved into its new home at 308 Main St. in Huntington village in November. It plans to have its full service in the first week of January. Michelle Binetti, whose family owns the restaurant, recently answered questions about the specialty restaurant.

 What's different or new about Ideal Cheese from other restaurants in the area?

 We are the only restaurant that I know of that serves gourmet Georgio's Coffee, has a full gourmet cheese department with other gourmet products,  has a full bar with many wonderful wines from all over the world, has a cafe that serves many cheese & charcuterie boards and wines and has a large menu, and has a separate take out entrance at 6 Green St called Ideal Wings & Pommes Frites  which sells buffalo wings, pommes frites, mac&cheese balls, salads, meatballs, soups, etc.  Our cooking is all organic, all fresh ingredients!  No preserves or canned goods. 

Where did the name come from?
The name Ideal Cheese was established in 1954 by the original owners "The Edelman's". It was originally a "butter and egg" business that became a gourmet cheese store over the years. We purchased the NYC store located at 943 First Ave, New York, from the surviving son, Ed Edelman in 2003.

Does every dish in your restaurant feature cheese?
 No, we lean towards cheese dishes, but also serve buffalo chicken wings, pommes frites (belgian potato fries), salads, meatballs, beef sliders, hamburgers, soups, pastas and lot's more.

What are some of your speciality dishes?
 Kale caesar salad, French onion soup, tomato soup, artisanal cheeseboards and all homemade pastas

Do you have dishes for the lactose intolerant or people with any special dietary requests?
Cheese actually does not contain lactose since its pasteurized.  All of our soups are vegetarian based as well as other dishes on our menu.  For those on a gluten free diet, we do offer gluten free bread for our cheese melts.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
 We will be holding cheese 101 classes, cheese and wine pairings, specialty food classes and we also do and have done outside events at the Paramount, Bottles & Cases and Bin 56. We will also be having Happy Hour, Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. featuring a bar menu.
majortom1981 December 09, 2013 at 02:13 PM
I think the sit down portion is good but the take out is WAY too expensive. why would I pay $16 for a burger during my lunch break when I can get a hamburger for $7 with drink across the street?


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