Paul Shepard
I grew up in Cazenovia, NY and moved to Jamaica Plain about two years ago.  It's here that my parents met and here that I was conceived -- so I feel a bit like a fish swimming upstream to spawn. Boston is the most ancient city I've ever been to, and I'm fascinated by its history and its unique culture. 
I am primarily a poet, and my work has appeared in Lux, The Bard Papers, and A Light in April.  My essays have appeared in The Moderator and BJSS (Bard Journal of Social Sciences).  Patch.com has afforded me my first experiences in journalism, for which I am very grateful.  The line between creative writing and reportage is far blurrier than I once thought -- as Ezra Pound said, "Poetry is news that STAYS news!"  Politically, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.  I am interested in ideological fringes (I think that the Tea Party has a lot of potential); I voted for Obama and have trouble approaching politics realistically.  When I'm not writing, I'm most likely playing guitar, singing drawing, researching things of personal interest, eating, drinking, or asleep.  
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