Photos: Fencers En Guard

Huntington hosts three other schools to get ready for the new fencing season.

More than 170 fencers from four high schools turned out at yesterday for a pre-season scrimmage.

brought 60, Whitman more than 50, Brentwood more than 50 and Cold Spring Harbor 12 for the half-day event.

Sue December 05, 2010 at 09:01 PM
Agreed Jason. What a great sport. I have a niece that took the sport straight into college. The kids need to have great speed and co-ordination. I hope all the kids on our fencing teams are proud to be spotlighted in this article!!
Adam Spector December 06, 2010 at 01:33 AM
To be clear, I am always proud of the kids in our district and how they participate so enthusiastically in extra curricular programs. I was just surprised to see how our district leadership participated in selective rule application when allowing the great event to occur at Abrams, a place they have declared unsafe for educating children. It was not meant to take away from the kids' accomplishments. Kudos to them.
Paul D. December 06, 2010 at 03:40 AM
My son is on the fencing team - everyday, they arrive at JA at around 2:45pm, and get picked up at 5:45. There is also optional night fencing from 7 - 9. Meets are scheduled for Saturdays and run about 4 hours. I estimate my child spends 19 hours a week in that building. District administration knew this would be a public relations nightmare, and tried to set the fencing team up in Woodhull. Woodhull!! Like they have room for a 60 person fencing team? The fencing schedule was in direct competition with the Woodhull theatre arts rehearsals - Woodhull said "no way", and so the fencing team went to JA where there is ROOM and great locker room facilities. By the way, the wrestling team uses JA also. (continued in next posting)
Paul D. December 06, 2010 at 03:41 AM
So here's what I want to know - IS THIS FACILITY SUITABLE FOR USE BY THE CHILDREN OF THIS DISTRICT OR IS IT NOT?? And since we hold tournaments at JA, I guess it's also ok for students from OTHER districts to be there - but not our own kids. Can you say "WTF?" Oh, and the best part is - when Huntington Station recently held their community day, and the HS Marching Band was asked to participate - the BAND PARENTS DEMANDED SECURITY FOR THEIR KIDS!! And got it! At 11 oclock in the morning! So what's the message here - parents that bitched the loudest got the school closed, but if you want your kid to be on the fencing team, you have no say? Obviously, this district is barely functioning being down one facility. It's RIDICULOUS to use the building for everything BUT educating the kids and alleviating the over-crowding! Forget ranting about "Florida Frank" and Glenda. Our entire school board and administration need to go. If we re-elect any current sitting school board member this May, we all get what we deserve.
Mark January 16, 2011 at 04:21 AM
What's the big deal? They're carrying swords. They can protect themselves.


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