Ban on Energy Drinks

South Huntington cites NCAA action.

The South Huntington school district has announced a ban on the consumption of certain energy drinks by its athletes.

A notice posted on the district's website reads:

"The NCAA has seen the need to regulate drinks or substances that can potentially endanger the physical well-being of a student-athlete. 

Red Bull, AMP and Monster drinks are only a few of those banned by the NCAA. 

In good conscience, allowing minors to consume these drinks before or during athletic contests is unacceptable.  Therefore, the Athletic Department is banning these drinks for athletes while on campus and participating in a particular sport season. 

There is absolutely no nutritional benefit to these drinks and in fact may lower performance during a strenuous contest leading to dehydration, heart palpitations, and other potential health concerns. 

 Please remind your children of the dangers of these drinks and read up on the effects they have on children as well as adults."


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