Melville Medical Group Adds Services

Integrated Medical Professionals expands to include colon surgery center.

Dr. Bradley G. Bute
Dr. Bradley G. Bute

 Integrated Medical Professionals, PLLC (IMP), a multi-specialty physician group comprised of Advanced Urology Centers of New York (AUCNY) and Advanced Radiation Centers of New York (ARC), has expanded to include Advanced Colon & Rectal Surgery Centers of New York.

Located at 510 Broadhollow Road in Melville, ACRS will provide a full range of services including rectal exams, colonoscopies, surgeries, offering treatment options for pilonidal disease, anal-rectal pain, hemorrhoids, fissures, warts, incontinence, polyps, bleeding, fistulas, and abscesses. 

Surgical treatment will be provided for rectal and colon cancer, familial polyposis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis. 

The new division will be led by Dr. Bradley G. Bute of Greenlawn and Dr. Marisa Ranire-Maguire of Garden City.

Bute recently answered questions from Patch.

When do you expect the new services to be available? 
The practice is open and running now.  In fact, Dr. Bute has had his practice for almost 14 years in the eastern Nassau County/Western Suffolk County areas.  Before that he was in Great Neck for four and a half years and before that, in the military for 12 years. 

What hospitals are you affiliated with for this new practices?
Currently serving Plainview Hospital and Huntington Hospital. 

What are the demographics for the new practice--older people? kids? Everyone? And is cancer the main driver of the need for this practice? 

The practice is one of adult colon and rectal surgery so we see patients 18 years of age and older (although we will sometimes see a 16 or 17-year-old specifically at the request of a pediatrician). The practice is 85% benign disease, 15% malignant disorders.  We focus on disease prevention and offer colonoscopies in the office setting in a credentialed, certified office based surgery center.  We would much rather perform a colonoscopy and remove a premalignant or precancerous polyp and prevent colon cancer than have to operate to treat colon cancer.  We do offer minimally invasive surgery for colon cancer.  In the realm of benign disease we treat diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease as well as colon and rectal cancer which involve major surgeries.  40% of the practice is focused on benign anorectal disease to include the diagnosis, treatment and management of anal fissure, anal fistula, abscesses, hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding, pilonidal disease, fecal incontinence and condyloma (anal warts).  We also deal with anal cancers.

Anything else you want to add?

Certainly patients are often reluctant to come and see a colon and rectal surgeon.  There are three scary words in my job title: colon, rectum and surgery.  My office staff does an incredible job at putting patients at ease and trying to make a delicate situation be as easy to tolerate as possible.  The hardest task for a patient to do is to step through the door. Once they have visited the office and see the professional and caring attitude of staff and doctors they have no problems in returning and in recommending our practice to friends and family.


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