We Have the (Math Day) Winners

Woodhull students get extra recognition for performance in world competition.

When 23 Woodhull students sat down at computers this week to compete with millions of students in World Math Day, all were assured of a certificate saluting their success for having made it to the finals.

But six did especially well and were awarded ribbons for their accomplishments Wednesday, teacher Colleen Mahoney said.

For answering the most problems correct in a 60 second game…

1st Place= Douglas Villalta-Vilorio 65 correct answers per min. (faster than 1 per second)

2nd Place= Justin Knowles with 53 correct answers per minute

3rd Place= Anthony Christy with 52 correct answers per minute


For having the top total correct answers…

1st Place= Gabriella Bartley answered a total of 3,905 math problems correct on World Math Day

2nd Place= Rachel Roday answered a total of 3,008 math problems correct on World Math Day

3rd Place= Nicholas Earle answered a total of 2,918 math problems correct on World Math Day

 The annual competition drew 5.3 million registered students from 218 countries.


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