Huntington BOE Approves Retirements, Leaves

Full slate of staff appointments and personnel actions approved.

The Huntington Board of Education processed an extensive list of personnel actions at its regularly scheduled meeting Monday at Jack Abrams School.

Retirement requests were approved for high school teachers Eliana Oranges (foreign language) and Kim Damore (physical education), middle school teachers Patricia Quinn (health) and Edward Parry (technology); and director of fine and performing arts Joan Fretz. The retirements are effective at the close of business on June 30.

Huntington High School special education teacher Jennifer Rommell was authorized to return from a child care-related leave of absence. Southdown School teacher aide Yesenia Cortes was granted a leave of absence effective Jan. 22 through May 17 so she can complete state student teaching requirements.

Melissah Goldsborough was approved for long-term substitute assignments at Southdown School as a special education teacher (through Jan. 25) and at Woodhull School as a librarian (through Jan. 28).

Tiffany Cuda, Dana Grace, Thomas Mason, Peter Muneyyirci and Natalee Rubcewich were authorized to work as substitute teachers, at a rate of $90 per diem on an as-needed basis.

Appointed as teaching staff for the district’s early morning reading program at a rate of $48.97 per hour (funded through a state bullet grant) were: Washington: Jeffrey Dicker and Carol Soskil; Southdown: Megan Himmelman, Heather Colura and Kathleen Thompson; Flower Hill: Donna Marie O’Shaughnessy and Kimberly Giani; Jefferson: Allison Muradyan.

Appointed teaching staff for the district’s Saturday Institute for ELA and math for grades 3-8, at a rate of $48.97 per hour for up to three hours during each of nine program sessions, were: Maria Acevedo, Peristera Alfano, Tina Balducci, Heather Barfuss, Catherine Barth, Christine Barresi, Kelli-Ann Connors, Megan Doyle, Christina Droskoski, Christopher Dugan, Paul Esposito, Lauren Friscenda, Melissa Goldsborough, Eileen Gonzalez, Helen Guarino, Christopher Hender, Katherine Hicks, Amy Hughes, Lisa Karasik, Dorene Karivalis, Stephanie Lerch, Christine Lofaro, Victoria Lombardi, Brendan McGowan, David Moriarty, Melissa Munno, Kimberly Giani, Kimberly Myers-Bender, Danielle Nolan, Patricia Nowack, John Okula, Alexandra O’Leary, Veronica Quinlan, Peter Ravo, Martha Reilly, Erika Sabogal, Kathleen Sambour and Karen Swanson.

Appointed as club advisers at J. Taylor Finley Middle School were Melanie Malusa (drama director), Matthew Harris (stage crew) and Angela Kulewicz.

Other appointment approved included classroom support staff for the district’s Saturday Institute for ELA and math for grades 3-8, clerical support for the K-2 Saturday Academy, supervisors at athletic events, marching band winter staff, MSG Varisty Liaison, and a supervisor for a teacher assistant at J. Taylor Finley Middle School.
The board also authorized the addition of custodians Michael Caleb and Jim Valentin, nurse Melissa DePierro, teacher aide Gretchen Hannon, security guard Peter Andromanakos and food service workers Jacqueline Germain and Claudia Yanes to the district’s list of substitute employees; and appointed Glenn Deveau to serve on the district’s security staff.

Ron January 10, 2013 at 01:32 AM
Lots of nepotism in that list.
Hikerr January 10, 2013 at 12:18 PM
Fifty bucks an hour plus all the benefits. Nice, it's for the Children.


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