2 St. Anthony’s Students Bring Confederate Flag to School, Get Suspended

The students brought the flag to a sporting event, officials say.

Two St. Anthony’s seniors were suspended for bringing a Confederate flag to a game at the South Huntington School, according to News12 Long Island.

During a handball tournament on Wednesday, April 9, the students arrived, with one wearing the Confederate flag on his shoulders, St. Anthony's Principal Brother Gary Cregan told News12.

On Thursday, the students were told they were suspended for 10 days.

"The use of any symbol, either historic or current, which carries a meaning designed to revive past injustices or to inflame discrimination or racial intolerance, is completely unacceptable and profoundly offensive," Cregan said in a letter to parents, according to Newsday. 
pbug56 April 19, 2014 at 08:29 PM
Many inner city residents have no cars and there may be 1 DMV site in an entire county, and it may be located far from mass transit, and have minimal hours that prevent many people working for a living from going to. And lately the same thing with voting sites, and many churches can't afford to provide transportation. Medicare is not included in the signup numbers. Medicaid (in the states where the GOP didn't block the expansion) is. And yes, junk plans were dropped. I had one of those, and I had to pray I wouldn't get too sick when I stopped going to the doctor. As to what happened to you, some enrollment sites and some insurance companies were quite incompetent. I enrolled far sooner than you did but still had to chase down the insurance company to get them to process my enrollment (the enrollment site for NY did their job).
Pat April 19, 2014 at 08:47 PM
I tried to enroll right after October 1; it was a mess. I could not get a straight answer from any of my doctor's offices as to which plans they would be enrolled in. As to hospitals, just look at the Newsday articles about which ones are not taking many of the new insurance plans. I could go to any hospital in this area, including NYC (except for the Hospital for Special Surgery), with my old plan. Not any more. Health Republic supposedly had my doctors, but not the hospitals they are affiliated with because MagnaCare screwed that up with NorthShore/LIJ hospitals. Sloan was not on many new plans. Stony Brook Hospital just recently started accepting some plans. Even though EmblemHealth, my current insurer (who was my old insurer), has my primary doctor's name on my card, she is not participating in their "new" Obamacare plan despite my verifying this beforehand with the insurer. It may have worked out for you, but I can guarantee you there are more for whom it did not. My appliance repair person was here this week. His old plan covered everything his wife needed for her Stage IV cancer treatments. The new plan is trying to disallow everything. They also just informed her that she missed a premium payment; interestingly, she is on their automated payment plan. Her husband insisted she go to their offices and pay it in person so as not to give them an excuse to drop them for non-payment of the premium. Imagine being under the stress of Stage IV cancer and having to deal with this garbage. Never had a problem with their old plan. My friend worked for 30 years for a major corporation; she is disabled. She had health insurance provided as part of her retirement. Once Obamacare happened, she and her husband no longer were provided with that insurance since she was eligible for Medicaid and he for Medicare. The company told them they would give them a supplement. It is now costing them several hundred dollars each month that they did not have to pay prior to Obamacare. I work in the non-profit world; I can tell you that when people need to get somewhere important to them, they get there. If they knew they needed to get an id and voting was important to them, they would get that id. The excuses are just smokescreens.
pbug56 April 19, 2014 at 09:07 PM
No question that there are issues with Ocare in many states. In NY, there was a push to keep premiums down as low as possible and in a number of cases that meant that many doctors and hospitals are out of plan, and there is no out of plan coverage. Early indications are that this may improve next year, but no promises. And some insurers are brand new, and older ones didn't always staff up - my plan finally started processing January claims a few days ago. And some companies have turned on their employees and then blamed it on Ocare. As to voter id, try to imagine an 85 year old frail person without any car or anyone to drive for them, who is told that they have to take several buses and subway trains and then walk a few miles to get to a place to get the ID. They may have once had a drivers license but as many seniors do they gave it up. It places like Pennsylvania, you don't have DOT offices all over the place like you might find in some parts of NYC and Long Island - where I grew up there was one per county, and it was nowhere near public transportation. In NYC, a couple of buses will usually get you to one.
2 Turn Tables April 19, 2014 at 09:33 PM
Obama's Crown Jewel was his healthcare mess. And it's a mess. He is an incompetent administrator, an incompetent leader and his ideology has been a proven failure. I am amazed that there are rational, level headed people that still think this guy is doing a good job. I am not a racist either.
pbug56 April 20, 2014 at 01:26 AM
A few years ago I lost my IT related job and for the first time in my career could not find anything viable, let alone with usable health care coverage. For over a year I've had a part time sub minimum wage retail job, and Ocare has finally gotten me health coverage again. Just because Faux News and the Koch Brothers keep telling you Ocare doesn't work doesn't mean they are right. Is it perfect? No - it does need fixes, and it would be real nice if the GOP would work with the Demos to fix the problems. Instead, they keep trying to scrap it, and also have voted to repeal Medicare.


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