Cash Mob at Value Drugs [VIDEO]

Huntington Chamber of Commerce sponsors first Cash Mob event in Huntington.

To help stimulate the local economy, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce staged its first "Cash Mob" in Huntington Thursday.

In an effort to stimulate the local economy by promoting the COC's shop locally intitiative, word was spread to businesses and residents. They made their way to Value Drugs on New York Avenue this week for discounted merchandise, networking and refreshments.

Turnout was heavy and the atmosphere was party-like for this soon-to-be monthly event.

Babaloo February 18, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Great idea now that I know what it is. In my humble opinion, the new Family Game Center in Huntington Station would be a good candidate for a Cash Mob. http://huntington.patch.com/articles/video-new-family-game-center-in-huntington-station#video-8895734 Every week there are posters on the Patch who complain that nothing is done to improve Huntington Station. Here's a guy who put his money up to start a business and needs local support to make it a success. Remember, neighborhoods change one business at a time.
Stan Fossum February 19, 2012 at 05:20 PM
This phenomena called "Cash Mob" is really starting to catch on. Small businesses in many communities have reported great results when local citizens were able to show their appreciation with their presence and their pocketbook while attending a Cash Mob. If you are thinking of organizing one of these events, here's a great resource wwwcashmobmarketingcom ..It's totally FREE and can really help you get things going.


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