Town Upheld on AvalonBay Rezoning

Court rejects environmental impact, spot zoning objections.

A state Supreme Court ruling has upheld the town’s rezoning for the AvalonBay project in Huntington Station.

In the ruling released Thursday, Justice Joseph C. Pastoressa rejected a number of objections to the controversial 379-unit multifamily development.

Those objections included complaints that the town had created illegal spot zoning and failed to take into account the environmental impact of the project.

The Greater Huntington Civic Group and resident Nancy Graffeo, who lives near the project, filed the suit.

Pastoressa found that the group hadn’t proven it had standing, with identifiable members who could establish that they were affected by the project.

He also rejected the spot zoning claim, saying the organization failed to prove its claim and that there were several multifamily developments in surrounding areas.


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And, in dismissing the suit, the court ruled that the environmental impact study submitted by the town was sufficient. See the attached pdf for the ruling.

The town approved the rezoning in June 2011.

2 Turn Tables December 01, 2012 at 01:04 PM
That funny part is, try and get a CO for a home improvement to make your house and neighborhood look nicer. They make your life a living hell. But, they have no problem approving monstrosities in HS. I agree with you TM. Part of the problem, are the "affordable housing" organizations. They are race based organizations that play the race card. "Pretentious and racist white people in the suburbs just don't want anyone of color living near them." Which is far from the truth. The overwhelming majority don't care what color you are. We do not want congestion in Huntington. We do not want over sized structures budding up against each other. I don't want to sit in traffic getting my dry cleaning for 15 minutes, for an errand that should take 5. The "affordable housing" organizations are active voters, and support the Democratic line on the Town Board. Real simple equations. It is happening in Huntington Village too. 2 new houses off of Nassau Rd are unbelievably close to each other. It looks ridiculous.
Bebe December 03, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Interesting that this was posted on November 29th and has had days to simmer here, yet 4 days later there are only 2 comments? This subject has been a hotbed of controversy, and it seems odd that it gets barely a whimper. Timing is everything, since people are so otherwise preoccupied with what has happened to them after Sandy and the nor'easter and now the approaching holidays, seems convenient to slide this by at this time without anyone catching on. Why must people push so hard to "citify" the suburbs? There is no "diversity" when all you do is build the suburbs up to be as crowded and dense as the city.


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