Suffolk Notebook: County Database to Track Domestic Violence

Local nonprofits say they will use data to make decisions on outreach.

Suffolk County on Friday announced the creation of a Domestic Violence Database that will track domestic incidents across the county so that all the information can be accessed by agencies across the county that deal is providing help to victims.

Prior to its creation, domestic violence were recorded in various municipalities and state databases, making it hard to get a clear picture of how widespread these incidents are. The county will now use the database to draw analysis based on demographics and location, among other conditions.

“This database lays a path toward greater understanding of the problem areas and trends of domestic violence across Suffolk County and can further serve as a catalyst to create solutions that will substantially reduce such violence over the long-term,” Suffolk County executive Steve Bellone said in a statement.

The county said September saw 1,070 domestic incidents entered into the database, which tracks race, relationships and location in addition to details about the incident.

“The information from the database will help the Victims Information Bureau and the other domestic violence agencies to effectively plan for the needs of victims of domestic violence in the days to come,” Pamela Johnston, executive director of the Victims Information Bureau, said in a statement.

Jeffrey Friedman, executive director of The Retreat in Amagansett also praised the new system.

“After years of struggle with a strategy around collecting domestic violence statistics, today we finally embark on a new era that will promote a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and connection."

Pols Back Housing for Vets

The Suffolk County Legislature this week approved $1.5 million to support a plan to build rental housing for veterans at the former armed forces reserves site in Amityville.

The money will be used to help pay for roadways, curbs, sidewalks, sewer piping and lighting associated with the housing project. When completed, the development will include about 60 units of affordable rentals, many slated for female veterans or veterans with families.

The development will include a community center and parks, and is funded by a mix of county, state and federal grants, according to a county statement.

“This project is going to dramatically change the lives of many veterans for the better," Bellone said in the statement. “This project is a model for the kind of development that we want to encourage and support for our veterans.”

Ginger Scotch October 19, 2012 at 08:13 PM
"I threw a blow" = you hit someone, with the intent of hitting someone. This would be a crime even if it weren't a family member. You had other options were your intent merely to "defend" your home and property from being "touched". And your arrest disproves Greg's assertion that only men get arrested.
Ginger Scotch October 19, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Howie, you need to improve your reading comprehension. I responded to endabuseeverywhere's post, trying to offer some insight into one of the negative posters. It is a small town, so indeed I probably know you. Don't be duped by Greg Fischer, my first paragraph is based on the letter the editor from Women of the Democratic Committee which appeared in the News Review. I had nothing to do with that letter; I am not on any political committees. As for Greg's children, I only referred to the 2 minor children, because: (1) in his initial post he slanders their mother yet again, and (2) I know his 2 children. Riverhead is a small town, and there are a lot of people who know Greg by sight but who he does not know. We're the little people, I guess... Most of us would prefer to stay that way. As for this database... What is so wrong with compiling data and getting actual statistics, as opposed to anecdotal?
Greg Fischer October 19, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Ginger Scotch: I did not say that; in fact searching on "only men" yields only one posting and that is yours. I don't not know why you are fixated on me but it is abusive.
Greg Fischer October 19, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Ginger Scotch: again, I don't know why you are fixated on me. However, I have just asked the News-Review to take down that libelous and slanderous letter you refer to. Those people who submitted the letter were wrong on the facts and commited libel and slander. I did not slander anyone, I merely stated the facts. Anyway you should concern yourself with the issues and not with personalities. (If you are who I think you are, haven't you been banned from enough forums/publications yet?)
Walter S October 20, 2012 at 01:01 AM
With the amount of money needed to defend ones self against these allegations, if it is found that the petitioner is lying and making up false allegations just to make someone else's life miserable, those costs should revert back to the accuser. In the case of an order of protection, the defendant is automatically guilty based upon the plantiff's say so. Ask any lawyer. It is very unfortunate when the ones who really need that order of protection are grouped with the ones playing the system (which I believe are the majority) but do orders of protection really protect someone or do they just aggravate the situation and make it worse? They are costly and could cause a person to lose everything they have worked a lifetime to obtain because of lawyer costs since you have to prove your innocence- in these cases it is not "your innocent until proven guilty", it is exactly the opposite. The judges have to implement them in all cases to protect themselves- all orders of protection are granted. This applies to women as much as men when they are subject to one of these orders. It is all about the system and the lawyers love it, they see the dollar signs.


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