Spencer: First Responders Were 'Put to The Test' Recently

Suffolk legislator thanks rescuers for efforts at carbon monoxide tragedy, Oheka Castle shooting and Huntington Village fire.

William R. Spencer, M.D., represents Suffolk County's 18th District
William R. Spencer, M.D., represents Suffolk County's 18th District

Editor's Note: The following was submitted by Suffolk County Leg. William R. Spencer, M.D., who represents the 18th District. 

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our police department and emergency responders.  They have certainly been put to the test with the carbon monoxide tragedy, the shooting at Oheka Castle and the devastating fire which ravaged numerous local businesses in Huntington Village. 

I would like to thank and commend our first responders, police officers and fire fighters for the outstanding job that they have done and continue to do.  If it had not been for the quick response and brave actions by the large number of volunteer firemen and women to the Village fire call, the outcome could have been far more tragic.  The entire time they were fighting the fire, flames continued to rage precariously close to the gas station located only yards away.  With a large amount of fuel stored under their feet, the fire fighters and police bravely fought back the flames for what seemed like hours. We are very fortunate that these heroic individuals work hard to protect us and respond quickly with strength and expertise to save the lives and property of others in our community.

The events of the past few weeks have made me more determined than ever to see to it that our firefighters, EMT’s and police have the equipment that they need as they continue to selflessly keep us from harm.  I have sponsored legislation to provide police officers and frontline county employees with personal carbon monoxide detectors.  I am working with the County Executive and Department of Health to expand the life-saving Narcan training to the Village Police Departments and I will continue to support our fire departments by providing them with adequate and timely training.  As other needs arise, I will do whatever I can to fulfill them.

Please take a moment today to thank a police officer, first responder or emergency services volunteer. Their hard work and dedication help keep our community safe and sound.


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