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Question of the Day: Tax Cap?

What effects will the tax cap have on school budgets?

Now that the state Legislature has passed the property tax cap, what do you think will happen next? Will school districts just have to budget better? Do you expect the limitations will damage education?

JSC June 29, 2011 at 02:44 PM
This all depends on whether or not Albany pushes through any mandate relief. If they don't, then we will see many district's having to make devastating decisions for the following school year. Obviously, there will not be any increase in state aid. Hit number one. There won't be any mandate relief. Hit number two. No more federal monies heading our way. Hit number three. A cap of 2% for budget increases. Hit number four. The need for a 60% majority vote to overcome the 2% cap, when people are hurting in this economy, won't happen. Hit number five. Curricular programs and extracurricular activities take even more cuts than this coming school year, affecting student's abilities to complete necessary courses and get possible scholarships for college. Hit number six. Regent's cutting tests and not allowing January tests affects student's ability to complete necessary exams in time for graduation, affecting district's graduation results, putting more on Schools in Need of Improvement lists. Hit number seven. con't...
JSC June 29, 2011 at 02:46 PM
Having to deal with attempting to renegotiate contracts with unions to hopefully gain some revenue and not lose teachers or programs - very difficult to do as we saw this year. This is the ONLY area that school boards can go to for the amount of money that will be necessary to meet the 2% cap, with or without the mandate relief. While tax relief is certainly needed in NYS, I believe Albany got it wrong. Mandate relief should have been done first! Then if necessary, put the cap in place temporarily to see how it works. No matter what, unions must be cooperative this go-around and school boards must get tough and creative in their budget planning.


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