Lloyd Harbor Cleans Up After Hurricane Sandy

The Board of Trustees thanked the village's Highway Department for its work on storm.

Lloyd Harbor's Highway Department says it's still cleaning up following Hurricane Sandy last month, but they're making big progress with the projects. The Board of Trustees also commended the department for its quick response time to the storm.

In his department report, Highway Superintendent Bob Schwartz said the highway crews have been cleaning up debris ever since Sandy struck and that they're around "99 percent done" with cleaning up chippable brush. Anything bigger that can't be chipped will be disposed of another way, and Schwartz said they're considering turning it all to mulch.

Schwartz said downed trees have been cut down to size and made available as firewood for residents.

As for the rest of the damage from Sandy, Schwartz said areas in the village did not have extensive erosion.

"There was a little more erosion damage, but not as bad as I expected," said Schwartz. New York State's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been handling funding to repair erosion damage and Schwartz said he's been in contact with them. Additional funds will be added for the erosion damage sustained from Tropical Storm Irene last year, and more will be added for Hurricane Sandy. Schwartz said it will be addressed again when FEMA comes to the village to assess conditions.

The Board of Trustees commended the Highway Department for its fast response time to the storm and its work in cleaning up the remnants left behind. Schwartz said the quick recovery was to ensure all the village roads were cleared as fast as possible.

"I saw you guys out there in the rain, the wind, everything," said Trustee Hilary Rolih. "Thank you so much."

Also at the meeting, the Board of Trustees formally introduced the topic of open house signs, originally discussed at last month's meeting. A public hearing will be held on the issue at next month's meeting on December 17th at 7:30 p.m.


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