Lindy Mayor Provides Sandy Recovery Update

Mayor Tom Brennan says cleanup is progressing, and to help with the rebuilding process the Village of Lindenhurst is waiving the need and charge for building permits.

In the weeks since Hurricane Sandy swept through Lindenhurst, there've been countless about its aftermath, and many have found their way to Village Hall.

According to Mayor Tom Brennan, every question revolves around one key point: cash.

"When do I get money? That's the big question. How do I get reimbursed? Where do I live?" the mayor said regarding what's on residents' minds.

To help answer that all-important question an informational meeting was recently held at the Lindenhurst Middle School, with local and federal officials on hand to take questions, and try and help make people whole again.

"Not only did the School District want FEMA to come, but I wanted my building inspector and fire marshal to come down and basically explain to people what they need to do when they rebuild their house," Brennan said.

The mayor said as long as residents stay within the footprint of their home, there won't be a need, nor a charge for, building permits - a way to streamline the process as folks rebuild.

That's especially important for home South of Montauk Highway, without question the hardest hit area in Lindy.

Brennan estimated around 100 homes there suffered major water damage, with a number of homes wiped out. It's a slow return to normalcy, but the mayor said the cleanup is progressing.

"Cleanup efforts are going fabulous; if you go around the streets, then you'll see that it's very little debris in Lindenhurst," he said. "You go to other areas, it's not the same."

For now, the Lindenhurst Memorial Library remains the official FEMA Disaster Recovery Center - available to residents from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily - though there's been talk of the now-closed Bower Elementary School taking over, as it's more accessible to many residents affected by Sandy.

Brennan said he's put the Lindy Board of Education in touch with FEMA, but there's no update as of yet. Plus, he said, it's up to the BOE to coordinate with New York State in terms of making up school days lost to Sandy.

The Village of Lindenhurst Relief Fund continues to grow, with the mayor saying $60,000 has been raised so far. A committee will be formed to decide how best to distribute the money.

The mayor urged anyone who has any questions about what to do next to go to the library for individual attention from FEMA and the other state agencies stationed there. 

(Log onto the Village of Lindenhurst website, and click here to check the latest Sandy updates and recovery information from the Village online. Information about the VOL Relief Fund and how to donate could also be found here. Residents could also text VOL to 411247 for the latest recovery updates.)

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Barbara Capella Loehr December 05, 2012 at 08:58 PM
The U.S. EPA offered help to townships in Suffolk County to pickup, sort and handle the disposal of hazardous waste, such as household cleaners, oil tanks, propane tanks, etc. - even TVs. This is stuff that townships normally handle on their own, but after Sandy, the influx and volume of this increased dramatically. So the EPA is there with contractors, and doing curbside pickups in the Town and receiving dropoffs from homeowners in the Town. Patch spoke with them this, so look for some more information about this, but this information is also on the Town of Babylon site here: http://www.townofbabylon.com/news.cfm?id=567&category=143&searchDate=2012-11-09%2000:00:00.0, with links to PDF files of letters explaining this. It's fairly contained, and a chemist is also on site to ensure the proper sorting and disposal of these chemicals. And the EPA is working with the Town on this, but taking the lead until the volume is at a level they could handle on its own. Venetian Shores is one of several of these sites mostly in Townships on the South Shore heading East into Suffolk. Hope this helps.
Audrey December 05, 2012 at 10:34 PM
I was just reached by one the staff members working with Richard Schaffer about the Hazardous Wastes and our neighbors in Venetion Shores area..... I asked that he especially contact the Principal of Harding Avenue Elementary School and find out the families that are displaced and living with the black mold in their homes.. That the Principal etc has tried his best to help the families so affected by this devasting disaster of Storm Sandy and that 100 families are in need of help right in that area... And what is the Town doing for the town residents since so much is printed up of fundraisers and distributions to the village residents and that I do understand that the village residents pay other taxes but too it is ashame that I and other residents feel excluded and it is coming from so much being published how the village is getting the help... That I am appreciative of the volunteers and yes I know things are being done but when you have in your face how the village is doing so much more for the village and seems nothing much shown of what the town is doing. Let alone me and my family not taking what is not needed but want to help others let less fortunate then us... so people don't say I am not doing anything I am trying my best on disability and very sick and lucky to have internet access to help others.. so I will keep everyone update as to anything I findout that my help others thankyou
Michelle Greenberg Bornemann December 06, 2012 at 02:43 AM
The volunteers and fundraising have been for all Lindenhurst Residents that have been affected. Have you gone to Shore Road Park Recently? There is food and all kinds of help, online as well being offered to all of Lindenhurst. Picking up debris is a totally different thing. Just as garbage pickup is for the Village by the Village and for the Town by the town. If you need help, please look into Adopt a Family on fb or Lindenhurst After Hurricane Sandy. There is so much help out there.
Lori G December 06, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Just to add to Michelle's post...residents can go on facebook to Lindy manpower for volunteers to help put up sheetrock, spackle, paint, yard cleanup, rip-out debris etc. I have volunteers from my husbands job "Phoenix House" helping out in Lindenhurst..my husband sends out 4 to 9 guys at a time to help...
Ellen December 07, 2012 at 04:17 PM
I am a displaced Ventetian Shores resident. My one story home was flooded, and then two weeks later caught fire. We will not be abe to return for many months. I cannot express my gratitude enough towards the Lindy volunteers, and the Town of Babylon for all that they have done for us. I am so proud to be a part of this community, I have not felt "slighted" because I'm not a village resident. Audrey I can understand your frustration - during the massive cleanup a trip to Shore Rd park was really out of the question for us, and being displaced means that I have to work very hard to keep up with the local events that are happening in Lindenhurst that could benefit our family. Adopt a House, Harding Ave school, Camp Bulldog, the Lindenhurst Patch, and many others have been so helpful. Please reach out to them, I am certain that not one of these invaluable resources would turn you away because you are not a village resident. Best wishes to all for a very happy holiday season.


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