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Huntington Notebook: Motivation of Board Member Questioned

Supervisor Frank Petrone accuses Board Member Mark Mayoka of politically motivated positions.

Supervisor Frank Petrone accused lone Republican Town Board Member Mark Mayoka of taking politically-motivated positions at a Town Board meeting Tuesday.

At several points during the meeting, Mayoka's persistent questions were met with from Petrone and Town Board Member Mark Cuthbertson.

"I am not going to agree with you to harass these employees anymore or this board and to take the positions you take because they are strictly political," said Petrone during one debate.

Rejecting a proposal for the approval of up to $37,800 in funding to QScend Technologies, Inc. for a town website re-design and authorization for the execution of a $385,000 settlement agreement and release in the matter of the Town of Huntington against Metro Fuel Oil Corp regarding a 2004 fuel spillage at a town bus facility, Mayoka was the only board member to vote against any agenda item Tuesday.

"There is no politics positions," said Mayoka. "I was elected by the residents to save money and I'm doing the best I can."

In recent weeks, Mayoka has concern with town finances and those who place too much emphasis on the town's AAA bond rating. At the meeting, he cautioned against the town's accrual deficit, which he said was $179 million.

Town Comptroller Tracy Yogman was called on by Petrone at the meeting to explain auditing procedures. She downplayed the $179 million figure, saying it would only be used if the town were shut down.

Rejecting Mayoka's concerns, Petrone noted that only 8 percent of the town's budget is devoted to debt servicing. He also cited a recent 2.8 percent town bond rating as a good sign that finances are in order.

Also at the meeting, a hearing was held to discuss a possible traffic code amendment to place no standing parking restrictions on Prime Avenue, a popular spot for parking near Heckscher Park. Only one resident spoke out against the idea Tuesday.

Additionally, residents spoke mostly in favor of a proposal by the town to increase penalties for operators of dirtbikes, minibikes, all-terrain vehicles, motorbikes and snowmobiles in town parks. 

Town proclamations and certificates went to: The Blue Sky Rain Band was for playing for free to raise funds for Marine Lt. James Byler who was severely wounded in Afghanistan; Aidan Dwyer for winning the 2011 Young Naturalist Award for his study of the Fibonacci sequence in trees; and Emily Tyree and Kelly Gubatosi for raising $10,000 by turning their birthday parties into fundraisers for the Making Headway foundation.

Approved by the Town Board:

  • An agreement for the use of the property located on the northeast corner of Broadhollow Road and Plainview Road along Route 110 for fall festival daytime parking.
  • An extension to the requirements contract for removal of scrap metal with Gershow Recycling Corporation. Board Member Mark Cuthberson recused himself from the vote because of ties to the company.
  • A $145,000 contract with L.K. McLean Associates, P.C., for the design services for the reconstruction of the Woodbine Marina in Northport.
  • An agreement with artist Madeline Weiner of Denver, Colo., for up to $65,000 for the design and installation of a public art project for the Huntington Station Plaza.
  • A contract with Interfleet , Inc. to provide short-term global positioning system services for town vehicles.
  • A licensing agreement with the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce to hold the Long Island Fall Festival to be held on Sept. 30.
  • An extension of a permit for a "Haunted House" operation at 26 Pinelawn Road in Melville from Sept. 30 through Oct. 21.
  • Permission for use of Huntington Station commuter parking lots and garages from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Sept. 17 Huntington Awareness Day event.
  • The reappointment of Brian Orange to the audit committee.
Vaughn Fritts August 14, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Hey, Bobby, would $65,000 be ok if the sculpture were in the "good" part of town?
JSC August 14, 2011 at 11:59 PM
Kim, if you recall I had sent an e-mail to Mayoka asking him very nicely what piece of land he was referring to with the $3 million revenue... I still have not received a reply. Kind of disheartening, I thought he'd be the "good guy" and send an answer.
Tom S August 15, 2011 at 01:16 AM
I think Yes, 65,000 could be better spent in Huntington Station for a volunteer program, run by ordinary people with skills looking to help people who want to help themselves in the form of reading, writing and math skills and computer help.
Tom S August 15, 2011 at 01:19 AM
$65,000 art work will depreaciate faster than a new car's sticker price as years go by.
Dan N. January 27, 2013 at 05:43 PM
$65k seems excessive, and whatever the cost, a LOCAL artist should absolutely be contracted for this assignment. We need to keep money IN OUR COMMUNITY!


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