Huntington Cites 'Smooth' Storm Response

Andover Street Friday morning. Photo Credit: Pam Robinson
Andover Street Friday morning. Photo Credit: Pam Robinson
The cleanup of snow and ice in Huntington Village is the next target for town crews, Huntington officials said Friday.

At an informal press conference Friday, Town Supervisor Frank Petrone and newly minted highway superintendent Pete Gunther said the cleanup will help businesses get fully operational for the weekend.

"We’re thrilled; it was a very, very smooth storm" response,  Petrone said

Officials took turns praising workers and their working relationship.

'It’s a new chapter and we’re very happy," said Petrone, who often jousted with Gunther's predecessor, William Naughton. "We’ll sort out some of the things that have to be changed; considering different types of equipment; possibly some refurbished big pieces of equipment that will save time and money in the clean up stage; Pete’s already thinking of new things."

Gunther thanked public safety and other town departments, saying, "Everything’s done in a spirit of cooperation."

Gunther said the town had put 135 contractors, in addition to town workers, to work. He said primary roads had been plowed and secondary roads were getting second passes on Friday. Crews will be putting down more salt and sand to prevent icing over as temperatures drop.

Petrone said, "We had no emergency situations this year because we virtually lost zero power so that’s a blessing."
Friday night, the Village Green center will be available if needed as shelter if power fails.

Officials from public safety, general services, new Town Councilwoman Tracey Edwards and others were on hand at the press conference, held at the town's emergency operations center on Pulaski Road.

How are your roads doing? Please tell us in the comments and we'll share with town officials.

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escape January 04, 2014 at 12:27 AM
Did Frank fly Bocard and Gunther down to Florida for their meeting this morning?
rosy gallica January 04, 2014 at 11:18 AM
there is (as usual) a messy pile of snow at the intersection of NY ave and nassau road as well as the intersection of wood hull and nassau rd. Cars skid and get stuck in this pile of snow that is not removed.
Peter Teichmann January 04, 2014 at 02:05 PM
While the "main" roads were seemingly plowed on a regular interval, secondary roads, as always, suffer. However, more that that is the deplorable condition of the curbsides and public parking areas. Simply put, there has to be some method by which to mandate that ALL vehicles be removed from public parking areas and from the streets comprising the village area so that snow removal can be completed from curb to curb. In a bygone era, in the overnight period after a storm, front loaders and dump trucks descended on the village and scraped and cleaned and removed the snow down to the pavement. I guess having people parking on what is essentially the inside travel lane on Main Street and then flinging their car door open o get out is preferred.
R. Smith January 05, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Wrong!!! Before the storm on Friday morning, the side roads were awful due to the light snow that fell that morning. After the storm on Friday the main roads were passable but not cleared. The side roads weren't even touched! My street, Wesley Court North only got plowed once on Friday and they did an awful job. The Village in general was awful on Friday, and they never came back to do a better cleanup. As a result, today, Sunday, the roads are very slick and frozen. This was a very poor response to the storm, slow response and inadequate. Is the town highway department waiting for the thaw on Sunday and Monday with the rain to clear the streets?
R. Smith January 05, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Sorry, I meant that the roads were slippery after the light snow on Thursday morning. My block was extremely slippery all day Thursday with no sanding or clearing.


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