Cook Ousted From Town GOP Ballot

Republican nomination process for Gene Cook conducted improperly, according to state Supreme Court.

One of two Republican candidates for the Huntington Town Board was removed from the ballot by a state Supreme Court ruling Tuesday.

According to Justice John J.J. Jones Jr., Independent Party member Gene Cook was not properly authorized to run as a Republican at a earlier this year. The decision came after a five-day trial brought on by a challenge from Huntington Republican Vivienne Wong.

"It is the determination of this court that the meeting held June 6, 2011, was not done in accordance with the rules of the Republican Party," said Jones in court documents.

According to Wong, the Wilson Pikula certificate for Cook was improperly adopted at the GOP convention because the secretary was directed not to take minutes, a quorum was not rightly established and improper notice was made to committee persons about the meeting.

Wong is petitioning to run as a Libertarian for the November town board election after her GOP nominating petition was found to be invalid.

At a Republican Party meeting Wednesday night, an official who wished to be unnamed said no comment will be made regarding Cook until after the appeals process.

Wong said she does not know how the decision will affect the Republican Party at the ballot box. "I really can't get into all of that."

Mayor Herb Morrow, nominated with Cook on the GOP town board ticket, was not immediately available for a comment.

"My client is seeking to have a reformation of the party," said Wong's  attorney Kevin Brosnahan in a release.

Cook also could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Resident August 11, 2011 at 02:56 AM
Ok - I get that people don't want Wong to run but isn't a primary a good thing. That being said, how did the Repub chair not follow the correct process - Sophmoric! Time for a change at Repub Heaquarters (unless someone has a good explanation)...
Carol L. Schlitt August 11, 2011 at 01:08 PM
This is


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