Condo Opposition Group Expected at Town Board Meeting

'Preserve Elwood Now' fighting zoning change for condo project at Oak Tree Dairy property.

A group opposing a zoning change for a condominium project in Elwood will attend Tuesday's Huntington Town Board meeting to show their opposition. The group, Preserving Elwood Now, is associated with the Greater Huntington Civic Group which opposed the Avalon Bay development.

Plans to develop a 444 unit senior community at the site of Oak Tree Dairy on Elwood Road are currently under review with the planning board. A petition posted by the PEN Group on Change.org claims that granting the requested zoning change from R-40 (1 acre) to R-RM will "dramatically increase traffic in an already congested area, increase noise pollution, negatively impact the Greenlawn Water District’s pricing and its recharge basins, initiate contention between residents with and without school age children and set a rezoning precedent that would forever change the visual character and quality of life in our town."

There is no hearing scheduled on the Oak Tree condo development project for Tuesday's Town Board meeting. The following are the hearings scheduled:

1. Consider adopting Local Law Introductory No. 21-2012, amending he Uniform Traffic Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 2, Article IV, §2-7, Schedule G. (Local Law Introductory No. 21-2012).

2. Consider issuing a Certificate of Approval in an Historic District Re: 55 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor – Cold Spring Harbor Historic District (Oyster Bay Management, LLC, SCTM #0400-063.00-02.00- 006.000).

3. Consider adopting Local Law Introductory No. 22-2012, amending the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 198 (Zoning), Article I (General Provisions, Article IV (Commercial Districts) and Article XIV (Signs and Advertising Devices). (Local Law Introductory No. 22-2012).

4. Consider adopting Local Law Introductory No. 20-2012, considering Zone Change Application #2010-ZM-384, Post TimeRealty, Inc., to change the Zoning from R-5 Residence District and C-6 General Business District to C-6 General Business District for properties on the north side of Railroad Street, west of Greenlawn-Broadway, Greenlawn, SCTM #0400-106-01-034 and 035. (Local Law Introductory No. 20-2012).

Among the resolutions on the agenda:

AUTHORIZE the establishment of a Memorial Statue and Garden in honor and memory of Victoria Gaines at the playground at Heckscher Park.

ENACTMENT: ADOPT the proposed fare changes for the Huntington Area Rapid Transit (HART) System.

See the full Dec. 18 Town Board agenda attached to this article as a PDF.

Laura Sposato December 19, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Let's start a club! I agree completely. I am a "young senior" and would love to sell my home and move to a community like the one planned. I think seniors need a voice.
H a gio December 19, 2012 at 03:59 PM
They already have a "club" join the elwood taxpayers association
Laura Sposato December 19, 2012 at 04:05 PM
I will look in to that.
MJ December 20, 2012 at 04:28 AM
The Elwood tax payers wouldn't mind the extra money going to the schools. More money for schools with no extra students now that sounds good. Really how much extra traffic are seniors going to add, not only that they have made plans to make a turn lane to get in and out of the place so traffic won't get held up. Wouldn't it be nice to keep our seniors here, near there families instead of in FL. There would be no issues with the families with kids and the seniors. Children aren't going to be running all over the place causing havic. It's not going to make Elwood look ugly it will make it look better. I'm sure we all love the ugly building there now. Most of the house all of these families are living in where built on farmland that believe me at the time others didn't want made into homes one on top of the other, but here they are and you are living in them. Times change and we need to change with them. They town isn't going to buy every piece of land that comes available so no on builds on it. If it isn't condo's it will be houses, with more kids and yes school tax money but not as much for the school as school tax money without the extra kids. Just saying.
Louise December 20, 2012 at 06:19 PM
H a gio Look at it this way: you are part of the Elwood taxpayers' association as is all your neighbors. The new senior community will become members of that association, paying taxes but not adding to the student population in Elwood schools. The homes these seniors vacate (and I believe priority should be given to Elwood residents first) will continue to be part of the Elwood taxpayers' association. Win-Win, as I see it, for Elwood. Look to the future - you will age and some day you will want/need this type of housing if you plan to stay on Long Island.


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