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Compromise Possible on Highway Department Plan

Naughton, Petrone and Cook to discuss options for changes in Highway Department.

Town Supervisor and Highway Department Superintendent will meet to discuss changes in the department that could halt efforts to abolish the superintendent's job as an elective position.

Petrone made the surprise announcement as Tuesday's got underway. The talks, which will include Councilman , are aimed at "Attaining similar goals without organizational changes," Petrone said. Some of those goals, besides converting the job to an appointive position, include streamlining, reducing redundant facilities and operating as part of the Public Works Department.

After that, Naughton, greeted by loud cheers and a "We love you!" shout from the audience, spoke briefly, citing his responsibilities in caring for Huntington's roads. "Obviously I'm against this," he said. "And I'm for the rights of the people to elect for their public officials."

He was followed by seven highway superintendents from around Long Island, representatives of the Tea Party, highway workers and many residents, nearly all in opposition to the plan.

Peter W. Harris, superintendent of the Southold highway department, set the tone by saying "My opinion is that the abolishment is about nothing more than gaining complete control.

"You want to take away the right to choice of the voters, the very people who elected you.

"I would sincerely urge the voters to vote down what would take away the right of you to choose. You have someone who truly cares," he said of Naughton, to more cheers. 

George Woodson, Riverhead's highway superintendent, said, "If you make this an appointed position, you're adding five people who have to make a decision. The highway superintendent works for the people."

Many speakers objected to losing their right to vote directly on job performance. Several reminded the board that they would remember how Town Board members voted when their turn on the ballot came around.

Others, such as Rich McGrath, a board member, said they were concerned about a lack of accountability if the job became an appointive one. McGrath said community members had been unable to get answers from appointed officials at the Huntington Housing Authority.

"A lot of you guys probably don’t like Naughton," he said. "I’m guessing Naughton doesn’t like a couple of you. But that's no reason to take away voters rights to an elected position. Get in a room and work it out," he said.

And he said to Town Clerk , "Jo-Ann, hold on to your seat because theyre coming for you."

When another speaker said to Raia, "I ask you, are you next?"  she replied, to much laughter, "No way!"

Not everyone praised the . One resident detailed problems getting answers when he called to complain about his street being ripped up.

And Robert Lifson, former chairman of the Republican Party in Huntington, criticized those opposed to the referendum in the name of protecting voter rights, saying, "It is hard not to note the irony, if not the outright hypocrisy, of those who have organized others to speak against the passage of the resolution on the grounds that its passage would deprive the elctorate of the right to vote for this public office." He also said that about two-thirds of Long Islanders have an appointed highway superintendent.

Both Petrone and Naughton said after the meeting that a date hadn't been set for the meeting, but time is short. Under state law, the board would have to vote by Monday to place the referendum onto the Nov.6 ballot.

The plan was first proposed in July and was supported by Councilmen and .

Naughton said after the meeting that he had insisted on including Cook in the meeting, citing his construction background.

Petrone said certain steps, such as eliminating duplicate facilties and better use of equipment, could save $3 million but that he is looking for bigger savings without eliminating personnel.

Asked about allegations that the move to change the Highway Department was rooted in politics, he replied, "Accusations come and go" but that the need for savings was clear.

"It took a realization that we had to do something," he said of what had led to the drastic determination to consolidate departments. "All through the state, they're looking for savings."

Michael T. August 16, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Jim - not nice, be civil. No need for inappropriate remarks.
Linda Otta August 16, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Mike do you know who they are looking to appoint? Are you comfortable no longer having that choice? I do realize your frustration with no one running against Naughton and I DID read your posts, I believe I even called you on 'junior' running for office. Thats cannot be foreseen. What I was trying to express to you was WHO you need to hold accountable (if you read my posts) and that they are the party leaders that are cutting back room deals and cross endorsing instead of giving the public MORE choices. I am disappointed we only have 2. And yes for years he has run unopposed......however the problem lies in the political powerhouses. Thats who needs to change. I am glad (if put up for a vote and I bet it will happen) that it is being done in a Presidential election year when more people come out to vote. usually on an off year not enough people come out to vote and that is why we end up with the same deadbeats we have now. Only those political 'in the knows' show up to vote. Also to address Mr Dalton who is concerned about that website and not being able to find who is running it. In the Town of Huntington, when you step out of line and fight the powers that be in any way? They will and DO come after you. It is common knowledge.
Laura August 16, 2012 at 09:48 PM
The giving us the right to vote was passed in 1909. That meant we elect the Highway Supt. Frank Petrone wants to take right away. He wants to decide who the Highway supt is, not we the voters. Why would you vote for a right you already have. It is control and a massive power grab. I never really liked the movie " Ground Hog day ". You keep saying the same things over and over again. I hope the town sees they made a mistake and drops it. Have a nice day ! Thanks Linda Otta Great Emials as usual. Laura
Morgan August 17, 2012 at 12:28 AM
If he's unopposed THAT's a reason to take away the elected position? I can not stop laughing. Tell me more about the Great Townwide Conspiracy to Keep Candidates Away. There never seems to be a lack of people looking to take down the Town Board candidates. And Joann and Esther need to take note: here but for grace go you!
Michael T. November 21, 2013 at 11:09 AM
Good riddance to bad rubbish!


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