Beach Sticker Handout Snarls Traffic

Cars were backed up in the area around Park Avenue and Main Street.

Vehicle traffic came to a standstill Tuesday afternoon in the area around Park Avenue and Main Street in Huntington.

The reason: Town of Huntington was distributing its complimentary beach parking stickers to those who hold handicapped parking permits, causing a backup of cars leading in to the Senior Center complex.

The demand this year was very high, according to the public safety officer directing traffic, causing the long line of cars backed up past Heckscher Park to the north and to Pulaski Road to the south.

Once drivers got in to the Senior Center complex, they still had to inch their way up the past Cinema Arts to the rear of the building where the stickers were being distributed.

At 12:45 p.m. public safety officers and Suffolk police blocked the entrance to the driveway causing some angry drivers.

Those who did not make it in to the complex Tuesday can obtain their sticker Wednesday at Centerport Beach until noon and at Town Hall after May 26 in the Office of Handicapped Services.

The town asks that the permit holder and the vehicle to which the sticker will be affixed be present.

For more information about regular seasonal beach stickers, call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 631-351-3089 or e-mail parksandrec@town.huntington.ny.us.

Kelly Campbell May 21, 2010 at 05:34 PM
Reader Len Urban sent me this comment: Those folks with handicapped parking permits get complimentary beach passes. Good! But, the deaf, blind and others with legally recognized disabilities are refused this benefit because they do not have, need, or use a handicapped parking permit. Seems a policy of discrimination and ignorance exists and nobody in Handicapped services or the Supervisor's office cares to fix it. He followed up today and said he had contacted the town: I followed-up by e-mailing all the town trustees about my concern. I wonder if they will respond. Several years ago I asked for this policy to be restructured, but I have not gotten any positive actions from Handicapped services or Human Services. Thank you, Len. It seems like an odd policy discrimination if it's a fact. Let me know if you hear back.


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