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Tell Us: Tighter School Security?

In light of Connecticut school tragedy, do we need to do more to protect students and school employees?

After a gunman massacred 26 students and staff Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, Americans are debating gun control, mental health and school safety.

What are your thoughts about school security?

Should visitors be banned without prior approval? Is it time for schools to take more drastic security measures, such as installing metal detectors and body searches for building visitors?

Do schools need to arm security personnel for such potential scenarios?

Those against such measures believe schools may become prison-like and change the educational culture.

Others endorse such measures, given the increasing number of violent incidents at schools and believe it could prevent more from happening.

What's your view? What do you think your school district should do or not do?

Are you in favor of greater security measures even if it means having your bag or body searched when you visit your child's school?

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Tell us in the comments.

Susan Serra December 16, 2012 at 04:18 PM
It's a multi-faceted discussion and I will address one part of it. I think it should be imperative that schools adopt a consensus from the best mental health resources as to what the warning signs are for potentially dangerous individuals. Schools should produce a document with this information to all parents. They should collect signed and verified documents that this information was seen by all parents in the school district. This document should be presented twice a school year to parents and there should also be an invitation to parents to discuss any concerns with particular school officials and/or provide local private resources to help parents who are unsure as to what to do. Parents need information and tools with which to seek help. Students should also be taught to listen to what their friends and classmates are saying in a more serious way along with instructions on what to do with dangerous pieces of information.. It's just one tool to increase awareness. It is by far not the only one that can be implemented.
Sara H December 17, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Yes they should. As one parrent in conneticut said: schools need "cameras at the entrances, plus metal detectors in closed, bulletproof areas. And not just adults, The students need to be cleared through the metal detectors also. It's sad and ridiculous, but that's how it has to be." Yes, along with armed security guards. This is a very simple solution that has been proven to actually work. If we are going to have gun rights, as Americans, and crazy people, together in the same world, we need to have common sense security measures like this at schools and places where lots of people gather in closed spaces like theaters and malls and shopping centers. Whether it makes the atmosphere "prison-like" is irrelivant. Madness, exists, and we need to be able to protect people and minimize the damage from when someone goes homicidally insane.
Ranger Sewer December 17, 2012 at 12:06 PM
The schools will not stop the Drugs,Gangs or the Bullies because they might offend somebody, So NOTHING will change.
Pat December 17, 2012 at 01:33 PM
85 people are killed in the United States every day through the use of guns; over 3.5 people an hour. A man shooting pheasant with his son this week tripped and his weapon discharged hitting his son in the back of the head; had it not been a pellet gun, his son would have been dead.
douglas stretton December 17, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Obama has taken a good step but the gun laws have always been left up to state rights. New York and Conn. have some of the toughest gun laws in America. Although, the weapons that were used in Newtown don't appear to be aquired illegally. It's a very broad topic when trying to understand and find answers to preventing these shootings. Along the way, I hope the massive mental health problems we have in this country can be addressed. This is not just a part---but a common link to all the shootings that have occurred for many years now. For the moment, I think the security within the schools should be increased. Armed security should be on the table...and that's been in place, in many areas around the country, for some time now. If we can find the money to alter the budget so the kids can have extra activities at school. Shouldn't we find the money to also make their enviroment a safe one. What type of a price does one put on that. Frankly, I've never had children but can easily understand how parents all over must be feeling right now. Unlike some that may say things won't change, I believe they will, something can and will be done. Not everybody showed up for The Boston Tea Party and look what that started....


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