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Police Dispute Melville Crime Claims

Social media sites had reported accounts of push-in burglaries.

Suffolk County Police are challenging some online statements about crimes reported in the Melville area.

On Monday, several social media sites began reporting that push-in burglaries had occurred that day. Many of the site users began emailing the postings, contacting Patch and other organizations, and asking for further information.

But police said no such crimes occurred. "Homeowners in the Melville area did contact the police department regarding suspicious solicitors and officers did respond to investigate, but no burglaries were committed and no arrests were made," the department said Tuesday afternoon.

One posting read, "To everyone but especially those in the triangle area. Please be very careful! There are men walking around knocking on doors asking if you want a home improvement quote. They are actually pushing their way in and robbing the houses. They have been targeting women home alone with young kids. This is not the first time and they rang my bell 3 times today. The last time my husband and Doberman chased them off my driveway. The police are driving around. Please be careful and if they ring your bell call the police."

Police are inviting residents to attend a community meeting Wednesday morning at the South Huntington Public Library. The previously scheduled meeting will start at 10 a.m. Questions are welcome.

Tina January 17, 2014 at 07:10 PM
JaGee it looks like the person who said the police were lying was removed from this thread. I do not believe SF said anything negative about the police, it was the other person that was removed. I remember the thread & it sounded like SF was calling the person out. Maybe that person was the one who caused all of the neighborhood hysteria? The police were not happy that someone used social media to scare the neighborhood. It can be very dangerous to both the people who were trying to sell things door to door (who were found to be doing nothing wrong according to police) and the police department. There was even a post on here saying if they come by a persons house they would use their gun! This person got people nervous and scared. To think these people are just doing their job and someone may be planning to shoot them because of the hysteria that this person caused. I'm glad the posts were removed. I hope the police have tracked the person down.
SF January 17, 2014 at 08:14 PM
Listen JT or JaGee, you are lying just like your friend. You know who I am as I know who you are. Stop with your silly games you and your friend play, time to grow up. Both of you are way out of line as usual but this time it came back to bite you in the you know where. I heard no such thing of the police appreciating anything you and your friend did, so do tell where you heard this imaginary story from. Your friend said the police were lying, you were the one you swore up and down she was being truthful, remember you said you were there and knew for a fact. You said your friend doesn't trust any police anymore, why is that? Just because you change your name it doesn't change what you wrote, JT. So stop with your manipulative silly games, they don't work. You both went to far and jeopardized my family safety and the safety of innocent people. So JT GROW UP. Remember like Mel said we have long memories in this neighborhood, so apologies and we can be done with it.
JaGee January 18, 2014 at 06:51 AM
Yea your right time to grow up... I not stooping to your level any longer.... You think you know what's going when all this bs is personal... and I don't know who you are keep it that way
SF January 18, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Ok JT, you are so far beneath me that you would not only have to stand up, you would have to get on your BFF's shoulders just to stoop to my level. It is personal, just not the way you and her are trying to manipulate it so you look like the victims. It is personal because you and her put my family, friends and neighbors in harms way. Then you tried to bully your way out of it by switching it all around. The saying goes, the whole world can't be wrong, it must be you then. Let's remember you attacked me when I posted my perspective of the incident and article, I didn't attack you, just as I have the freedom to speak freely, so do you. You and her will not be able to manipulate this one this time, everyone knows the truth, you really are just embarrassing yourself, you should reflect back on this and previous incidents, time to reevaluate its a new year, I hope you move forward and not backwards with her.
Six Pack January 18, 2014 at 04:46 PM
So how about them Yankees


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