NEW PHOTOS: Recent Paramount Mayhem Sparks Concern

Chaotic scene at March 3 event with multiple arrests, medical emergencies

Six people were arrested and nine others treated for sickness and injury at a recent Paramount Theater event, raising concerns in the community regarding the newly-opened Huntington venue which has been plagued by a string of similar incidents in recent months.

With cops already in place in advance of a March 3 Barstool Blackout show, 35 officers, plus additional fire personnel and emergency medical staff were eventually called in, police say, as problems began with intoxicated event-goers waiting in line outside the theater. 

Rosemary Stubbolo, who left her job at a nearby restaurant at about 9 p.m. Saturday, said the scene on New York Avenue was disturbing with "very young" people being carted off by emergency responders.

Stubbolo said she stopped to help one under-aged female as she struggled to contact her mother.

"I had two little girls that were about 14 that were freaking out," said Stubbolo, who claimed to have witnessed "numerous overdoses and molestations" at the scene.

Officers say, theater employees complied with a police request to stop serving alcohol and turn off the music by 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Six people were arrested from Saturday night into early Sunday at or near the event, according to police. Erin Bergano, 19, of Glen Cove, was charged with using false identification; Kyle Guarini, 18, of Oyster Bay, was charged with second degree harassment; Christopher Hughes, 17, of Holtsville, was charged with second degree obstruction of governmental administration for interfering with police crowd control; Ronald Lagdan, 25, of Richmond Hill, Conrad Chang, 25, of Syosset, and Michael Schean, of Syosset, were charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Lagdan was also charged with criminal possesion of a weapon for carrying a metal expandable baton.

Huntington Town Supervisor , an advocate for Paramount construction, said Tuesday he is concerned about the growing number of  incidents.

Currently at his home, Petrone condemned the situation and promised to meet with town officials, police and Paramount operators to discuss the situation.

“This is not the type of activity we anticipated, nor will it be tolerated. I want this kind of activity to cease,” said Petrone, in a statement from Town Hall.

Supporters said, if built, the Paramount Theater would attract local and international attention. But arrests, parking problems and medical emergencies has disquieted residents and raised anxiety in the months since the highly-touted venue opened its doors.

Anger, which began during the Paramount's approval phase, has increased following the  due to a series of disturbing incidents.

A 23-year-old East Northport man was  from an interior balcony during a Paramount New Year's Eve party hosted by former National Basketball League player Dennis Rodman.

In a separate incident outside at the theater at 1:50 a.m. on New Year's Day, three revelers were arrested for second degree obstruction of governmental administration, according to police. Anthony Mazzola, 24, of Connecticut, Jenna Natuzzi, 24, and Roslynn Natuzzi, 52, both from Old Brookville, were charged, police say. 

In November,  by theater parking issues.

Seeking a town-approved special use permit for 192 increased parking spaces and 1,650 theater seats in 2010, Paramount representatives said they hoped the theater would bring a certain  to the Village.

At a  meeting, Board Chair Christopher Modelewski stressed the importance of making sure public peace is preserved if the Paramount was to be built.

"A traffic management plan consisting of sufficient parking spaces and security guards, which will be subject to input from the town's director of public safety is what we want to adopt," said Modelewski. "We want the theater to operate in a reasonable way without offending anyone."

At a champagne reception on the eve of the official opening, Huntington Town Board members .

Modelewski said traffic and safety concerns are "joint obligations of the town and the applicant."

Update added March 9: Two photos taken inside the Paramount Theater by teen girls, 17 and 19, during the Barstool Blackout event March 3 show hundreds of people packed closely together in front the stage as others stand above in the balcony section near the railing.

J March 13, 2012 at 07:56 PM
The beer cans and bottles are from Paramount concert goers who don't want to spend the money on drinks. I've observed people drinking in their cars. I've seen them in vans and cars and then as a group go to concerts. I know for a fact for the Anthrax concert. They all had Anthrax t-shirts. So whether they chose to drink at the Paramount or in our neighborhoods, the fact is the large venue is bringing crowds of all types into our neighborhoods. Not every concert is like this, but there are enough concerts and concert nights and enough people to increase the trash and bad behavior. Look, if there was a parking garage in town over on New Street, one with high security and if there are no other major incidents (doubtful but I'm hopeful) - then the businesses get to have all their patrons, the residents have all the people and bad behavior away from their property, and the Paramount gets to do what it wants inside without affecting life on the outside. It won't stop all the traffic or drunk drivers but at least it will help some of the problems. The people who love the Paramount should urge the owners to get a petition going for the parking lot, they caused the problem they should at least start the ball rolling. I heard they did quite a dog and pony show for the town board and convinced them this would be good for the town. I'll bet the board never expected this kind of controversy.
Concerned Resident March 15, 2012 at 03:05 AM
@nrvsbrkdwn We've already been dealing with stabbings, brawls, fights, etc., so why not bring more?
Concerned Resident March 15, 2012 at 03:10 AM
@James So you work there. In my book, your opinion doesn't carry any more weight than anyone else's.
Jennie Alla March 17, 2012 at 01:36 AM
It was never promoted to be "like the IMAC"!
Jennie Alla March 17, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Uh, the IMAC couldn't survive so I'm not sure that would be a wise business decision.


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