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Police: Woman Robs Huntington Station Bank

Local Leaders Deride NRA Proposal

Armed officers in every school makes no sense, community leaders agree.

Rep.  D-Huntington, blasted NRA's Wayne LaPierre's comments that American schools should have an armed police officer at every school in the land.

He described LaPierre's statements as “tragically out of touch."

Elected officials and community leaders weighed in. 

"It's absolutely ridiculous," said D-Woodbury, of the NRA's proposal. "We can't turn schools into armed camps. What would we do, have one gunman opposing another and getting kids caught in the middle?"

"We do not need an arms race in our schools," Israel said. "We need common-sense initiatives like limits on high-capacity assault magazines and closing the gun show loophole. It's time for common ground, not more guns on school playgrounds.”

"Why don't we just have cops at every movie theater now too?" said Nassau PBA President James Carver. "And maybe at every post office? And every place else where there's been mass killings?"

Carver described LaPierre's ideas as "ludicrous."

"Kids – especially grammar school kids – shouldn't have to walk into a school with police set up there [with] the fear that there's something bound to happen," Carver said.

Port Washington School Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Mooney could not be reached for comment. But since the Newtown tragedy, she told Patch that officials were assessing and re-evaluating security procedures.

Jacobs said funding must be in place to address deranged individuals before they have a chance to murder and maim innocents.

On the floor of the Nassau County Legislature this week Jacobs criticized Nassau County's proposed 2013 budget for slashing mental health program funding by nearly 50 percent from 2012 levels.

"We, unfortunately, do not have powers to enforce stricter gun laws on the county level, but we certainly have the power to provide mental health programs in the county and, thereby, serve as a model for the state and federal governments," Jacobs said.

Matthew Hogan contributed to this report.

David December 22, 2012 at 01:18 PM
N R A. Nitwits. Retardss. A,,,"holes
jonathan winant December 22, 2012 at 02:45 PM
How many times do we have to read stories about gun control when the real underliying factor in many mass shootings seems to be the mental condition of the shooter. Story after story tell readers that the shooter was unstable or had a history of mental issues which were not hidden. Why then did no one bring this to the attention of local officials? If a parent feels their child might be a threat to themselves or others then the child needs to get help BEFORE THEY GO OFF THE WALL! Knowing the child is having mental issues means you as a parent take more precuations around the home. In this case a parent SHOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED THE CHILD ANY ACCESS TO WEAPON. I think many readers will agree that in the case of the latest shooting the mother was a major force behind the shooting because she encouraged her child to learn how to use high powered weapons one of which was what the shooter used in the elementary school. Question would you buy a car for your child if they showwed signs of using drugs or being an alcoholic?
NYB December 27, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Yes, our children should live in a state of unprotected, blissful ignorance...until someone decides to shoot up the place, then, instead of being "caught in the middle" they will just be shot from one direction more readily(!?!?!?). No ban can assure their safety, so you either take the people interested in doing these things off the streets (which you can't, because there is nowhere to put them even if you could identify them) or meet force with force by allowing people to discretely bear arms in public, and where they can't (schools, courthouses, government buildings) provide effective armed security. The politicians are all too happy to be surrounded by armed security and Police and work in secured buildings, but when they can sacrifice the safety of children to further some weird agenda they will do it without guilt. Time to vote these people out and find someone who will propose an effective solution.


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