Man Stabbed 6 Times in Village Attack; Arrest Made

North Babylon man arrested Saturday and charged with second degree assault.

A 22-year-old North Babylon man was arrested Saturday after allegedly stabbing a Huntington man six times in the back.

Michael Laffey, 25, of Huntington is recovering at a Bay Avenue home as a result of the 2:45 a.m. incident Saturday on Green Street in Huntington, according to his father, Peter Laffey.

Christopher Scott, 22, of Elkton Lane in North Babylon was arrested and charged with second degree assault, according to a Suffolk County police public information officer.

Scott remains in custody at the Suffolk County Jail, according to Det. Lt. Thomas O'Heir of the Suffolk County Police Department.

O'Heir said the incident involved a three-on-three altercation between two groups of men near Main Street — the victim's father's gave a different description of the incident. 

"Basically they bumped into each other outside of the bar, they had some words, (my son) tried to disengage then they pursued him," said Peter Laffey.

Michael Laffey, a Huntington High School graduate and former lacrosse player at the school, was treated at Good Samaritan Hospital, according to police.

Police said Laffey suffered non-life-threatening injuries. O'Heir said he was "only aware of the one serious stab wound."

The victim's father said police have yet to talk to his son regarding the incident.

Police denied a request to release Scott's mugshot because of what they say is an ongoing investigation.

Scott suffered a cut on his finger during the incident. 

mare77 July 27, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Follow up to my previous posting...I just called Mr. Petrone's office and was advised of the following: To request that a topic be added to the town board meeting agenda, send an email to the town clerk, Jo-Ann Raia, at jraia@town.huntington.ny.us. Ms. Raia puts together the agenda for the meeting. Mr. Petrone can be copied on the email. His address is fpetrone@town.huntington.ny.us. Please tell the elected officials at town hall you want them to address the issue of violence in Huntington and Huntington Station.
Della Katz July 28, 2011 at 01:46 AM
The residents of Huntingtion should have banned together years ago to stop the growth of bars within the village. It's too late now...the damage has already been done. Frank Petrone wanted a smaller version of NYC ? Well, he got what he wanted. Crime and all. Take this advise from someone who lives in the village...think twice before you bring your family here at night, especially on the weekends. You could end up in the middle of a free for all.
Steve Stone July 28, 2011 at 02:30 PM
On Friday and Saturday nights the Village is full of teenagers roaming the streets after midnight. Trouble is bound to start, usually if they've been drinking. Maybe Suffolk PD 2nd Pct needs to ramp up a presence in the Village. Last year someone was stabbed next to the Book Revue at the Mexican Restaurant next door.
Tom S July 29, 2011 at 02:52 AM
The police need to police, they seem to be paid generously to take a report after incidents happen. Stop the small crimes and big crimes won't happen as much. In Northport they patrol and stop and ask questions, this seems to deter some things before they start. Good job Northport Police and bad job SCPD.
Andrea July 31, 2011 at 07:45 PM
That was Cinco de Mayo - at Panchos - and it wasn't just a stabbing - it was practically a riot.


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