A Definition of Finite and Infinite…

Our forms of revenue today are finite

Dictionary.com definitions below:



1.immeasurably great: an infinite capacity for forgiveness.

2.indefinitely or exceedingly great: infinite sums of money.

3.unlimited or unmeasurable in extent of space, duration of time, etc.: the infinite nature of outer space.

4.unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless: God's infinite mercy.

5.Mathematics .

a.not finite.

b.(of a set) having elements that can be put into one-to-one correspondence with a subset that is not the given set.



1.having bounds or limits; not infinite; measurable.

2.Mathematics .

a.(of a set of elements) capable of being completely counted.

b.not infinite or infinitesimal.

c.not zero.

3.subject to limitations or conditions, as of space, time, circumstances, or the laws 

of natureman's finite existence on earth.


4.something that is finite.

Not meant to be a lesson in taxonomy just setting the field.

Our forms of revenue today are finite. They have bounds or limits because they are unsustainable by nature. New forms of revenue today, the desirable ones are infinite. They are unlimited; they expand and grow based on themselves. They are self-sustaining. As they expand they replenish themselves. Sounds like a bad day at Curves! Take note the next time you pass one you will always see a food place right smack next door. Ahh, infinite revenue stream.

The new economy is modeled after an infinite source of revenue because as we grow in need the need creates the revenue. Social commerce does just that. AS a social network grows it has more followers and members. As more members use the network more revenue is generated because the value of “talking” to that audience is more valued. Think of television, as a show becomes more popular the ratings and ad revenues go up. Yes, to use a current parlance, some “Jump the Shark” that is because the source of content comes from one place – again finite.

But the concept of a social network is that as users come and go they bring new content with them. Some of it is not worthwhile, relatively but some how we always seem to find an audience. Think Snooki.

If that content is local and relevant – close to home and replenished every year think freshman class that content is infinite and relevant. (Have to admit I feel a little Carrie Bradshaw right now, but it will pass).

So let’s hitch our wagons to an ever-expanding form of revenue, the world of social commerce. That’s what all the cool kids are doing, I hear. Take sometime and think about it. Why are these online businesses so heavily valuated? Gott's to be a pony down there somewhere.

Take a look at this video from Annie Leonard, Co-Director, The Story of Stuff.org

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