Letter to the Editor

New York Avenue flooding needs to be fixed now.

Halesite resident Bill Barron sent this letter to State Sen. , R-Syosset, Assemb. , R-Huntington Station, and Huntington Patch.

Dear Senator Marcellino & Assemblyman Conte,

I’m writing today to catch you up with what is NOT happening with the Route 110 drainage project.

Back in August last year when you both “declared war on Rte 110 floodwaters and endless trails of bureaucrats” you gave us long-suffering residents in the area a ray of hope something would actually get done after almost 20 years. 

Senator Marcellino-I hope you recall that when we spoke you offered I reach out to you if I have trouble getting any response from Mr.Chakroborti. Well, that is exactly what I am doing as once again he refuses to take my calls or respond to me in any way when I inquire about the status of the project. I think it’s pretty clear to all he is hiding after bungling the bidding process. I hope for his sake it was nothing more than doing his job poorly vs. something worse.

His assistant told me nothing was happening except the contractor litigation and that was all she knew.  In fact I noticed that not long after my latest inquiry on December 22nd asking when the decision on the contractor and construction will begin as stated to be in the fall of 2010 and into winter 2011, that the site was changed with all dates setting any expectation of timelines was taken down and replaced with this;

Project Status

  • The current status of the project is In Development.
  • Project Development began in Fall 1992.
  • The Bid Opening date to be determined.
  • Construction duration is expected to last 18 to 24 months.

Obviously another delay is happening and rather than explaining why or what is happening, we the public are left to figure it out ourselves from this obscure and purposely vague Project Status posting. We all would very much like to know what is happening in the litigation and when we can expect a decision so a contractor can be hired.

I appreciated your understanding of this issue when we spoke and the fact you shared with me your own frustration with the road when going to your daughters house. I sincerely hope you can help us all move this process along faster.


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