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Introduce the Kids to Nature

Patch rounds up the best blogs of the week.

Patch bloggers write on a variety of issues. Here are some of the best from around Patch this week.

Stella Miller, president of the Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon Society, regrets to loss of outdoor life for children. “Today’s children are so electronically connected that they have become emotionally disconnected- from one another and from nature.   They don’t venture outdoors and engage their senses.  They no longer use their imaginations; they no longer have to think very hard when it comes to problem solving. Why should they?  There is an app for everything!"

Christopher Hassett says a better diet can improve your sex drive.

“..It should come as no surprise to hear that even the smallest dietary tweaks can bring on noticeable changes in libido.  Simply eating well, eating fresher, eating less, can enliven us sexually, if only in that we’re feeling better about ourselves.”

Katherine Heaviside writes about non-news and the end of the silly season.  “Now that Labor Day has just passed, and everyone is getting back to business, it’s time to bring on some real news. Hallelujah!”

Sheryar Choudhry says voters should think twice before voting and not just automatically follow the party line.

“Let’s take a moment and examine the issue: is voting strictly party lines the best way to cast your vote? No matter how one tries to justify it, the answer to that question is NO. Yet so many or us are guilty of it.

Yes there are great Republicans and great Democrats but in current times can we afford not to stop, think and to understand the issues that we are faced with?"

Meredith Radisch sees a downside to technology when it comes to dating. “Back before online dating was the norm, you would meet someone and the process of dating took time and patience. A number would be given, a phone call made, a conversation or more had and then a date scheduled. I can’t help but think of the Bugaloo song “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  I think the iPhone killed old fashioned dating.”


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