Shadow People

See a fleeting shadow out of the corner of your eye? It could be the ghostly phenomena known as "Shadow People."

Shadow people are probably the most mysterious of all ghostly phenomenon, and they are also perhaps the most misunderstood. I decided to write about this topic because I am amazed at the amount of people who have experienced them, and have asked me about them. In most cases they have no idea who or what they are seeing.

Many people have not heard of the term "Shadow People" but it has been a part of paranormal lingo for quite some time. There have been reports of people seeing shadow people as far back as the 1800's and within all types of religions. They can also be known as "Shadow Beings", "Shadow Figures" or "Shadow Men" but "Shadow People" is the most common term for the paranormal phenomena I am about to reveal.

When someone reports seeing a shadow person they describe a dark, shadowy,
humanoid-type form which they see in their peripheral vision or out of the
corner of the eye. It is often fast and fleeting and cannot be looked at straight on. Shadow people lack mass and features and appear to move into walls or  furniture. Unlike a ghostly apparition where clothing or facial features can
often be seen, shadow people are dark, distorted and two-dimensional and have
no features at all. There have been some reported cases where shadow people
have tiny red or yellow eyes, but this is uncommon.

I had never heard of shadow people until I met paranormal investigator Joe
Giaquinto who described the phenomenon to me. Since then I have spoken to or
interviewed many people who have experienced them, and I have written about
some of these accounts in both of my Ghost books. The people who have seen them tend to be skeptical because they can't put a finger on what exactly it was
they saw. They usually begin by saying "I've seen a dark figure, like a shadow, out of the corner of my eye. It moved quickly and along the wall. When I turned to take a look at it, it disappeared". Right away I tell them they have seen a shadow person.

In a story I did on DEK's American Restaurant in Rocky Point, NY, one of the
owners claimed to constantly see shadow people when he was working behind the
bar. He would turn quickly in the hopes of getting a better look at it, but every time he did, it was gone. Shadow people can also appear in mirrors, but
will quickly flee if looked at.

Scientists and skeptics alike have come up with all sorts of possible explanations, and some claim they are not ghostly at all. Some say it is a type of extraterrestrial being. Others claim they are "inter-dimensional" beings whose "dimension of origin" overlaps with ours on occasion. Of course there are those who simply believe it is a figment of the imagination, a hallucination or drug induced phenomenon, while some religious groups believe they may be demonic.

The people I have spoken to who have experienced shadow people have been
regular, functioning people in the community, so I do not believe for a minute
that they were hallucinating. Besides, they all have described exactly the same
thing to me yet they knew nothing of the term and even doubted themselves. I
always say the skeptic is the best witness.

Who are these shadow people then? Are they disembodied souls who are lost or
did not move on so they hide in "the shadows" as not to be seen? Whatever the case may be, it is extremely rare that shadow people are harmful or dangerous. The best thing to do if you find yourself in an area where they continue to appear, is to talk to them and tell them it's okay to move on. It's up to them whether they do of course, but it's worth the try.

If any of my readers have experienced this type of phenomenon I would love for
you to comment on my blog, with the hope that all of us will get a better
understanding of these dark, mysterious, ghostly beings known as shadow people. 

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky is the author of Ghosts of Long Island; Stories of the Paranormal and Ghosts of Long Island II; More Stories of the Paranormal, both
available on Amazon in hardcover and e-format. www.ghostsoflongisland.com


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B.B. March 18, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Although I certainly can't speak for everyone's experience, I can speak for mine; therefore, I highly doubt these "shadow people" are disembodied souls. I, too, have had the experience from time to time of seeing something from the corner of my eye that *appears* to be a shadowy human figure. It's human nature to assign the form of something familiar to something unfamiliar. This is similar to a Rorschach test where people might glean a recognizable form in what is otherwise an ambiguous pattern. As for people for whom these shadowy figures keep appearing on a regular basis, I would suggest they get their peripheral vision evaluated before assuming that they are being visited by otherworldly beings.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky March 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Hi BB, There are all types of ghostly phenomena which has been studied and researched by experts in the field. I've only touched on one aspect here. It is important to rule out certain things first. You are correct there. Yes, a person may have something wrong with their eyes. If they don't however, people need to be open to other explanations.
Nicole Andrews March 18, 2012 at 04:56 PM
"Shadow People" - you have got to be kidding me! I have officially lost respect for the Patch and its sources' credibility.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky March 18, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Sorry you feel that way, Nicole. Obviously you know nothing about the paranormal field, which is okay. Everything is speculative obviously, and you don't have to believe things. I'm simply putting the information out there. There are very respectable people who spend years studying all types of paranormal phenomena. This is just one aspect of it. If you don't believe it, fine, but don't question people's credibility when you don't have all the facts.
Nicole Andrews March 18, 2012 at 05:59 PM
I know plenty about the paranormal field and based on the facts I can recognize who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't. You said yourself you, who claims to be a professional in the paranormal field, hadn't even heard of these "shadow people" until someone told you about it, and have never actually seen one yourself with your own eyes and so are just taking the word of people who don't even trust their own judgement if they had even seen anything or not yet you are turning out books on these other people's "experiences" or lack thereof for monetary profit. Maybe you should write about something you yourself have actually experienced in order to be a creditable first source.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky March 18, 2012 at 06:21 PM
I find it a shame when people have to voice their opinion in such a negative manner. Have a great day.
Rich Jacques (Editor) March 18, 2012 at 09:53 PM
@ Nicole: Please do not confuse blogs with Patch news content. Karriann Flanagan Brosky, a published expert in the field of paranormal activity, provides commentary to readers through her popular blogs. Bloggers from a wide variety of fields are always welcome at Patch.
K Dawg March 20, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Keep it up Kerriann, your books and articles are great, sometimes I guess people mock what they don't believe or can't see, but they will listen to some so called experts on TV on which clothing, car etc. to buy or who to vote for.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky March 20, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Thanks K Dawg. You made me smile.
SPECTRE1961 March 23, 2012 at 08:02 AM
From Brazil, Rio de Janeiro For a long time, in the 1980 years ... I was in the third largest urban forest in the world, the "Floresta"/Forest "da"/of Tijuca The day was a dark, had already to walked over - 15 km - on a trail ... Suddenly I felt as if a "presence" is - over/on - me .... Like a "wind" Between the trees, I "feel" ... A "spectre" as a "power" A "gift" ... "A secret" as of finding something precious and extraordinary The year ... 1988 And this made a huge difference in my life Till now ! ספקטר
Karen Steinberg April 16, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Bravo, Kerriann!!! First of all, amazing blog! Second of all, I love your answer above. People need to LEARN FACTS before mouthing off!!
Karen Steinberg April 16, 2012 at 02:21 AM
@Nicole...you say you can recognize who knows what they're talking about...obviously you don't. You have a very closed mind. If everybody were to experience everything they believed in life first-hand, there would be a lot of non-believers on every topic imaginable in this world. When you learn something from an expert who has had lots of experience with something, such as Ms. Brosky has, and then go on to study the topic yourself, you don't have to experience something first-hand to know it's true and to have faith and believe. Isn't that what religion itself is based on as well? Ms. Brosky didn't have to experience Shadow People first hand to learn about it, understand it, and have faith and knowledge that it's real. She has an open mind. You claim that you know plenty about the paranormal field - if you truly do, you should know that it's a very complicated field and if you have an open mind, you can open yourself up to a world of lots of fascinating ideas and experiences. You don't have to believe yourself, but to question someone's credentials or abilities because they themselves have not experienced it first-hand is closed-minded thinking, which is completely out of sync with the kind of open-minded thinking you need to understand all things paranormal. Most importantly, how do you question someone's credibility when you don't know them, their background, what they've studied, etc. You can't judge someone based on one blog and think you know them!
Adam Reynolds May 02, 2012 at 02:58 AM
These beings, whatever the hell they are - they are for real. Who knows why some can see them and others can't. They usually attack me around 3:00 am. I will wake up and feel an overwhelming fear ( but I just accept the fear and go back to bed ). What follows next is becoming lucid in my bedroom and seeing anywhere from 1-5 shadow beings trying to grab me, pull me or harm me in some way. Everytime this happens I always fight back with everything I got, although sometimes it feels like I become slightly possessed and this compulsive growling happens. Other times I have seen little grey humanoid creatures and let me tell you, I become lucid every single night. Also, I do indeed see them when I am awake in my periphereal - mostly during the evenings. God I wish I knew what they were...and why they keep bothering me. The figures mostly comprise of either the typical "hat-man" or the shrowded being. Sometimes they talk telepathically and just say my name and who knows maybe being an empath plays a part in it ( I have had an MRI of my brain and had my eyes checked ). Man they piss me off. -Adam
B.B. May 03, 2012 at 07:59 PM
@Karen: Nicole Andrews is questioning Ms. Brosky's credentials because Ms. Brosky claims herself that she is a professional in the paranormal field, yet has never heard of shadow people, which is a well-known phenomenon. You say that one does not "have to experience something first-hand to know it's true and to have faith and believe" and that this is true of religion as well. Well, you are correct in that religion is based on faith. When something is based on faith, it means there is no scientific evidence for it. Science is based on proof, proof that is acquired through experimentation that consistently points to a specific truth. You know that you won't fall off the earth because the law of gravity explains it. Religion does not require proof in order for someone to believe. I don't think Nicole is saying that Ms. Brosky must see shadow people with her own eyes in order for her to believe that they exist. I think what she is saying that Ms. Brosky is taking the word of others who claim they have seen shadow people, at face-value as truth. I think Nicole's frustration comes from the fact that there are many, many people out there who claim to have psychic ability, many for profit (i.e. Long Island Medium), who, whether they are purposely misleading people, or actually believe they have psychic ability, are preying on people's emotions, particularly of those who are desperate to have contact with lost loved ones. Sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly.
Robin Elizabeth July 19, 2012 at 02:06 PM
It truly is . . I'm a Librarian assistant and at our Library one day I happen to be outside on the side of the building on break. We have cameras all over the place. When I came back to my desk all the librarians were telling me that on camera , there was a very tall grey shadow person standing right behind me. They told me that this thing was right on behind me ,towering over me. Talk about spooky . Also it was still daylight outside.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky July 19, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Hi Robin Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing your story. That's a great one! Kerriann
Denise Adkins August 06, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Kerriann, I am so glad I found your site. I figure it this way. Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it's not true. A lot of people are not intune with themselves and the things that happen around them. My daughter, husband and I have seen the shadow people. My daughter is 21 and she see them more so than I. She has a lot of spirits around her. She tells me when I come home where she had seen them in the house. We dont' see them often, but they are around. I told her the same thing you said "Just let them know it's ok to move on." We have playful spirits in our home also that like to go behind us and wisp our hair. I have to turn around to see if my daughter or husband did it. Anyhow I wish my daughter could meet you because she has seen Aura's and has had someone touch her while I'm talking to her when I'm not around and I'm sure you could explain it to her better than I can, but in the mean time we can refer to your books. Once again I am sooooooooo happy I found your site. Denise
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky August 07, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Hi Denise, Thanks so much for writing and for sharing your story. And that's exactly what I say at my lectures. Just because you don't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't true. Maybe you or your daughter could come to a lecture some time. I think you'd both enjoy it. I also have a radio show which airs live every Thursday night on blogtalk radio. Check out my website www.kerriannflanaganbrosky.com and you'll see the link to the show. You can listen to any past show that may interest you in our archives. Again, thanks for writing!
dakota burgett February 02, 2013 at 11:33 PM
I got one in my house at 1035 pearl st. I found out they like red light out of my own own experence.
Andrea Belsch July 17, 2013 at 01:34 PM
I believe that shadow people (i called them "Schattenmann", shadowman in german) exist, as I have seen them more than once. But there is something I'd like to add. There are not only shadow people with a human form. I have also seen "shadow animals" (dogs/wolves, cats). In my case, they only appear at our house and the dog/wolve forms had a much heavier presence than the others. I was able to sense their emotions (one was hateful and bloodthirsty, the other was protective of me). But never once was there any body contact or exchange of words. Being attacked by them like in Adam Reynolds case seems worse than shadow people to me. I think Adams shadows are either a psychological problem or something more sinister than normal "shadow people", maybe even a mix of both. P.S.: I am not an expert or anything. I am only telling you what I have experienced myself and what my thoughts towards some things is.
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky July 18, 2013 at 08:48 PM
Thanks for writing, Andrea. I've heard of what you're talking about, but I really don't know much about the shadow animals. Thanks for sharing your insights.
deborah morgan September 06, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Seeking insight ? I should preface this short retelling by saying I am a practicing Christian from a mainstream protestant church. For that reason I am very uncomfortable finding myself a witness to such an unexplainable event. I will try to report the incident with as much description as possible. I was having a hard time sleeping and didn't want to keep my husband awake so I got out of bed and went into the family room. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning. I lay down on the family room couch that faced toward the fireplace. The room was dark and I turned the wall lights on. I adjusted them using a dimmer switch. I would have to describe the artificial lighting in the room as a glowing twilight. I picked up a book and prepared to settle in for a long February night. My intention was to read until I fell asleep. I looked to a large coffee table in front of the couch in order to locate a reading light I wanted to attach to the cover of my book. As I glanced forward searching for the book light I saw a large dark figure behind the coffee table standing about eight feet away from my person. At first I was amazed and remained oddly calm at the sight of this dark figure. The figure was standing peripheral to me and I perceived that HE was wearing a hat (a fedora). HE was in silhouette only. There were no features of any kind. I saw no details of buttons, shirt/pants patterns, eyes, lips, or any actual details. I perceived it to be a man wearing a dark suit and hat, but there really were no lines. HE was a dark shadow of a man in silhouette. Initially I thought HE seemed fascinating and I was drawn to HIM. In my mind I thought HE seemed unnaturally attractive. I couldn't look away. Slowly IT turned so that IT was facing me. IT did not turn its whole body. IT slowly turned its head so that its face was exposed to me. In the place where I expected to see the face I saw nothingness. IT was filled with blackness that I can only describe as the blackest pit of emptiness you can imagine. As IT seemed to notice me I was hit with a physical wave of nausea. I think the realization that I was witnessing something I couldn't explain caused my blood pressure to drop suddenly. I can't explain why but I now felt a feeling of dread. Just as I was simultaneously terrified and sick IT began to move toward me passing through the table and approaching my face. IT moved not with footsteps but as if IT were gliding on ice...........IT didn't float because floating denotes slower movement than I witnessed. This THING moved with smooth & frightening velocity. I instinctively shouted " I belong to Jesus" moments before IT would have made contact with the couch I was seated upon. At that instant IT dissipated in front of me and broke into tiny dark pieces of black oily looking beads. Then nothing. Needless to say, I did not succeed in my original intent of not disturbing my husband that night. You do have my permission to share this story. It occurred 6 years ago and is still as vivid in my mind as if it happened last night. My overall impression is that this figure was extremely negative. I refer to the figure as HE in the first part of the story and switch to IT during the conclusion in order to express the discovery process that took place in my mind during the brief encounter. What do you think this thing was?
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky September 09, 2013 at 04:51 PM
Hi Deborah, Thank you for sharing your story. It is a bit frightening. Although I personally have not had anything negative like this happen, it does seem to be that perhaps this was a negative entity of some kind. You did the right thing by proclaiming you love for Jesus. Just so you know, it is very rare for people to be overtaken or possesed. You cannot take in what you don't want to enter into your life. It is not possible. So I don't think you were in any real danger, but it was a disturbing situation none-the-less. Why it came to you? I honestly don't know. Usually with shadow people, it is a fleeting image seen out of the corner of one's eye. It usually is not directly seen. In your case, it was even approaching. Also, not a characteristic of shadow people. The only think I can say, is that it could have been a negative entity of some sort, but through your own faith you were able to make it go away. I hope this helps, and I pray that you don't have a situation like this again.
deborah morgan September 09, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Thank you for your insight. It does help.


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