Huntington Alum Brian Pechar Pens New Book

Brian Pechar and legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.
Brian Pechar and legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

Brian Pechar has a lot to say. He likes to share his experiences and opinions with others, so the 2011 Huntington High School alum has written a book. Available on Amazon.com, A Day in the Life makes for an interesting read.

“A Day in the Life is a compilation of various different interesting aspects of Brian Pechar’s life,” according to an Amazon.com profile of the book. “Brian finds pure enjoyment in many different fields every day and finds a way to write about it. His stories vary from meeting countless celebrities to his favorite places to dine at to a unique experience he had. All of his tales are positive and uplifting and are never negative. This is Brian Pechar’s first book and he envisions writing lots more in the future.” The paperback is 84 pages long and costs $7.99.

Mr. Pechar is a lifelong Huntington resident. The 20-year old studied in the Huntington School District from kindergarten through to graduation. “I was most known for being involved in the prestigious internship program in my senior year, where I worked with two of my favorite teachers, Anthony Troffa and Suzie Biagi,” the new author said.

As a Huntington senior, Mr. Pechar had “visions of becoming a teacher or becoming involved in entertainment public relations, so I decided to team up with both teachers to do that,” he said. 

The internship included Mr. Pechar working with Mr. Troffa in a US History class. He said he “had a great time doing so.” Mr. Pechar assisted Mrs. Biagi with two Sports Marketing classes, being afforded an opportunity to prepare and teach lessons. “I had the privilege of learning many different teaching and effective promotional advertising fundamentals by doing this,” he said.

Mr. Pechar’s work with Mrs. Biagi earned him a Huntington Rotary Club scholarship. He’s currently studying communications at Suffolk Community College and expects to receive his associate’s degree next fall.

“My goal right now is to become a successful publicist or work in the entertainment or sports world,” Mr. Pechar said. “I then hope to branch out to a school in New York City, as I truly love the New York atmosphere. However, I will always be a Huntingtonian at heart.”

In his free time, Mr. Pechar likes exploring around Manhattan. “I always enjoy embracing new settings and taking part in them,” he said. “I also have a love for film. I currently run a movie blog called, Brian’s Italian Wrap-Up through a server called Blogspot, where I write reviews on all the movies that I see.”

The Huntington alum has met many celebrities over the years. “I can’t even keep a tally anymore because it is so many,” Mr. Pechar said. “I always have experienced lots of different and unique tales that many people advised me for years to write a book consisting of all of them. It was something that I kept putting aside until one summer day I decided to start writing this book, A Day in the Life, which consists of many short, positive uplifting stories of many different celebrity encounters and many interesting experiences and wonders that I have had.”

Derived Inspiration from Piazza’s Memoir

Mr. Pechar derived the “main inspiration” for his book “from reading Mike Piazza’s recent memoir, Long Shot as he details that he almost didn’t make it to be a part of professional baseball and through some odd coincidence, he managed to become part of the Los Angeles Dodgers,” the rookie author said. “I liked his enthusiasm about it and I decided to start writing this book because I saw how through a story, a bad situation can actually turn into a good one.”

As luck would have it, Mr. Pechar and the former All-Star catcher recently crossed paths. “I told Piazza a few months back, when I met him, that I was writing about him in my book and that he was one of the key inspirations,” Mr. Pechar said. “He was very glad to hear about this and he said he was honored. I couldn’t believe how gracious he was towards me.”

Mr. Pechar said A Day in the Life “contains no negativity, which I insured because I want a reader to be able to pick up on the rewarding factors of always thinking and being positive,” the 20-year old said. “I hope that this book can turn any bad situation into a good one.”

When Mr. Pechar began assembling his book, he chose to include 59 stories for good reason. “I chose the number 59, as the cover of the book is of the famous Bow Bridge from Central Park, which first starts on 59th Street,” he said.

“Plot Twist” Involves HHS Teacher

Mr. Pechar said one of the “key” stories in the book is called “Imagine,” which revolves around New York City’s world famous park. “Central Park is one of my favorite places to go to as it is just magnificent to see and is just so relaxing and peaceful to be at,” he said. “I also have a story called ‘Plot Twist,’ which revolves around one of my favorite teachers, Michael Schwendemann. He is a teacher who I truly admired. I enjoyed his great sense of humor. His persona worked perfectly for the story that I did on him.”

Writing a book can be a grueling experience, even for an experienced author, but that wasn’t the case for the Huntington grad. “I truly had a great time writing this debut short story book,” Mr. Pechar said. “I am already working on a second short positive story book. However, it is not even close to being done yet.”

A Day in the Life was released January 3, 2014 through Amazon “and is doing quite well so far,” Mr. Pechar said. “Many also advised me to put the book on Kindle, but that is something I shot down because I truly only enjoy holding a paperback book to read and I feel it distorts its value if it is just online. That will never be seen.”

Mr. Pechar is buoyed by the feedback he has received about the book. “Many friends and family have sent many kind regards to me about the book so far, which I am completely happy to hear about. I hope that everyone enjoys the book as much as I enjoyed putting it together.”


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