Enjoying Valentine's Day in the Village

Florists, chocolatiers and restaurants ready for a sweetheart holiday.

Huntington village is ready to celebrate Valentine's Day festivities with romantic and heart-covered signs of love on every corner. From chocolate to restaurants to cards and presents, the village has it and they want to share it.

At Bon Bon Chocolatiers, employees dip fresh strawberries into machines that swirl chocolate, all behind a glass window where customers can watch. Move over one window and customers can see pretzels get covered in chocolate, too. When they're done watching the treats being made, they can go and buy some, as well as little stuffed animals and candy sitting on tables.  

Across the street, cards and custom paper presents are available for people to send thoughts and gifts to those they're thinking of at Lion in the Sun.

"We're selling a lot of cards," Jane Greenberg, store owner, said. "Valentine's Day is significant because people want to acknowledge the people they care about."

From corner to corner, at least one store has hearts hanging in the windows to show they're celebrating Valentine's Day. Another candy store, Chip'n Dipped, has sweetheart candy dishes that say "Kiss Me" and "Be Mine." Inside, they have fudge made from scratch six different types of salted caramel. They also have vegan-friendly treats.

For Peter Goldfarb, owner of Chip'n Dipped, Valentine's Day is "one day a year for indulgence," he said. "To be special for yourself and others." The store is hard at work despite a nearby manhole fire that knocked out power.

Coffee lovers can also share the gift of love, and mochas. Starbucks on Main Street will be celebrating from 2-5 p.m. Customers who buy one vanilla spice latte, caffe mocha and hot chocolate will get one free to give to someone else.

HONU Restaurant will be offering a special Valentine's Day menu, including Blue Point oysters and monkfish, from Thursday through Saturday. Prime Restaurant is also celebrating with a special menu, with a Valentine's Day Surf & Turf for two special including a cold water lobster tail and filet mignon.

And of course, flowers are also on the list of things to give this holiday. Huntington village is home to a two-month old store, Floras Avenue, on Main Street.

"Flowers express people's feelings," Akvile Zilinskis, owner of the flower shop, said. "Flowers speak love."

Her shop has organic items, as well as handmade gifts, too.

Ranger Sewer February 14, 2013 at 01:42 PM
You left our Fiorello Dolce. They are next to Black and Blue.
Jason Molinet February 14, 2013 at 09:43 PM


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