Huntington Library 1, Bed Bugs 0

After closing to eradicate pests, the Main Street building reopens to public.

The Huntington Public Library reopened its Main Street building Tuesday morning after eliminating bed bugs found during a routine inspection Friday morning.

Library director Debra Engelhardt said patrons were happy to see the building open again and made light jokes about the situation as they entered the library.

Engelhardt said bed bugs were found Friday in some cushions, leading the library to shut down until treatment could begin. Treatment involved using Nuvan Prostrips, which is a process approved by the EPA to kill bugs and larvae.

She said the library had been conducting inspections proactively, though there had been no reports of infestation before they were discovered Friday morning. No bugs were found in books or other library materials.

The Huntington Station branch, which was free of bugs, remained open during scheduled hours.

The Huntingon Public Library branches served a total of 229,718 visitors from July to October this year.


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