Hispanic Churches Unite for Parade

Christian Day Parade brings out the faithful.

About 400 members of local churches marched Saturday in the Christian Day Parade in Huntington Station.

Playing music and sometimes chanting, the friendly crowd from Huntington Station, East Northport and elsewhere marched up New York Avenue from 15th Street to Church Street.

"It was a beautiful day, a beautiful time," Willie Perez, one of the coordinators, said. Perez, president of the Porter-Trejo Action Network Inc., said,

"The purpose was to tell the community to get together, to help each other, to stop the crime, stop the violence," he said. "The church is  called upon to go out on the street and embrace the people, to get them together. We need God in our hearts to be better people."

Though the parade was largely made up of Latino residents, Perez said one of the goals was to "Tell the police and fire department and town hall that we are praying for them to make it better."

Lisa Breland August 14, 2012 at 10:46 PM
How about telling their kids MS13, the Latin Kings and other gangs are NOT wanted in our town.


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