Berland to Propose Second Avalon Bay Extension

Neighborhood civic groups implored the board to wait until its September meeting to vote on zone change.

Town Councilwoman Susan Berland will propose a resolution at the Board of Trustees' July 6 meeting extending  until September 21 the period of consideration for a zone change to benefit Avalon Bay.

At the board's May 17 meeting, the board approved a resolution that would extend the period to consider the zone change for 90 days to give it more time to look at comments resulting from a March 9 public hearing.

Many believed that meant the board would not vote on it until September and became enraged when the resolution appeared on the board's June 8 meeting agenda and organized a protest in front of Town Hall.

Town spokesman AJ Carter said that the board routinely approves 90-day extensions to consider large projects and usually votes sometime within that 90-day period. If they do not vote within that period, they must hold another public hearing and approve another extension.

"Under the town code, once the board holds a public hearing on the measure, it has 90 days to act on the proposal. It was clear by the May 17 meeting that the town had not had the opportunity to fully review and assess the comments made at the March 9 public hearing, and to work with Avalon Bay on addressing many of the concerns that were raised at the hearing," Carter said.

In addition to the protest, many spoke during the public portion of the board's meeting against the project.

Huntington Station resident Ilene Fucci, for one, implored the board to give the residents time to really understand the project. The board appeared to be unmoved but apparently Berland was moved by Fucci's statement that the residents were simply confused by the process and since they are the board's constituents, they should extend the period of consideration before voting.

The board does have a meeting September 7 but it is one of the board's bi-annual day meetings beginning at 2 p.m. and is also the first day of the new school year in some districts.

Vivienne Wong June 24, 2010 at 01:54 PM
Ms. Berland question regarding this resolution. In the Avalon resolution is hidden that a new housing zone is being created in the area 1/2 mile of the train station would allow allow any developer that has assembled 10 acres to build housing projects apartment projects. (based on Avlaon they would be 250 unit apartment complex) This new zoning change should have been a stand alone resolution not hidden in the Avalon resolution. Ms. Berland why is no map showing boundaries made available for the public to review. In the Huntington LWRP and the TOH Comprehensive Master Plan - maps are in the the document. Another question - Has a SEQUA review been completed regarding this new zone? Is the SEQUA in writing?
Vivienne Wong June 24, 2010 at 04:16 PM
Ms Berland is aware that residents should have geographic map as public document as part of the resolution. Where is the SEQUA review document? Ms Huntington Station resident. Where in town hall is this map? How can hard working commuters that get off the train at 7:32 pm be able to see this map?


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