The Week That Was: Huntington News June 13 through 19

It was a star-spangled week marked by Flag Day and a trio of stellar visitors. Contentious civic concerns kept certain candidates and committees on the clock. Plus, Patch presented plenty of local arts, education, food, sports and other news.

It's a Grand Old Flag Day
Here's how and when to appropriately fly the flag, accompanied by a photographic portfolio of the flag flying in and around Huntington.
CSH attackman Brendan Bouchard was recently one of four Seahawks to gain All-County Honors for the 2010 lacrosse season.

Updated: Dozens of Avalon Bay Protesters Rally at Town Hall
Despite the removal of a resolution that would down-zone a 26-acre parcel in Huntington Station from the Town Board's Tuesday agenda, opponents picketed.

Head Start Takes Over Bankrupt 'Freedom Center'
A daycare for low-income families will now be operated by Long Island Head Start, after the previous operators went bankrupt.

Tori-Mania Takes Over
Tori Spelling leaves visitors to Book Revue 'Spellbound.'

Huntington Celebrates 20 Years of Gay Pride
Thousands of supporters of equal civil rights came to show their colors at the annual parade.

Anne Frank Memorial Garden Unveiled
Arboretum Park in Melville is now the home to the garden, where a moving dedication ceremony took place on Sunday, June 13th.

Eye on Huntington: Main Street and New York Avenue
Thousands of supporters of equal civil rights came to show their colors at the annual parade.

Bin 56 May Count Municipal Lot Spots Among Its Own
The new owners of the restaurant sought approval to use spots available in a nearby municipal lot toward their zoning requirements.

Dawgs So Bad They're Good
Gourmet hot dog shop hosts grand opening.

Benatar Hits Huntington With Her Best Shot
Long Island native and music goddess met fans at Book Revue.

Jackson Ave. Residents Continue to Fear Traffic Influx
The YMCA is adding a parking lot that they are going to allow Cinema Arts Centre patrons to use creating a potential shortcut from Park Avenue.

BZA Dismisses Indian Head Ranch Application
BZA chair determines that the notices for the hearing were not proper

Lloyd Harbor Conservation Board Examines Noise Pollution
After seeing limits on outdoor lights passed, the board is hoping to quiet lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

Planning Committee Grapples with Abrams Concerns
The first of five meetings to configure the Huntington School District ended with little progress made.

Elite in Wonderland
Seventh annual Masquerade Ball raises more than $80,000 for charitable causes.

Last Minute Write-Ins Stir Up Huntington Bay Elections
It looked like a slam dunk for the incumbents but a write-in candidacy took hold, and then the results did not seem so predictable.

Tips for Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Observation and report of suspicious activity go a long way toward deterring crime, say police.

Viv Wong: Avalon Bay Inconsistent With Town's Own Master Plan
Huntington resident and civic activist wants elected officials to simply say no to this project and she implores those who do support it to be respectful of those who do not.

Letter to Editor: Help Preserve Special Education Services in New York
Theresa Massimi, M.A., CCC-SLP, New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association president is urging voters to reject 'mandate-relief' programs

Islanders Ice Girls Tryouts July 10
Seeking those who can skate well and look good doing itHundreds turn out to meet Yankee Jorge Posada at Bottles and Cases after the all-star catcher hits a grand slam against the Houston Astros.


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