Tell Us: Your Best Christiano's Memory

What will you remember most about this Syosset landmark?

The Syosset family will soon lose their beloved Italian restaurant.

After news broke that the Syosset landmark, to which Billy Joel dedicated his first performance of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, would close, residents far and wide have been in an uproar.

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"Though Billy's 'Christiano's' reference at his 1976 CW Post concert was no more than an impulsive shout-out to a favorite pizza joint, we, as teenagers, got a big charge out of believing we were hanging out at Billy's "Italian Restaurant,'" wrote Papa Tom.

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"I grew up going there as a kid,and now when I go I meet friends there for drinks. It just brought people together," recalled Janice.

Many a red and black Syosset varsity letter jacket have hung from their chairs. Countless families have spent birthdays there. First dates shared a bottle of wine at their tables.

Whether or not it was really "Billy's Italian restaurant," the lyrics rang true to anyone sitting at a Christiano's table. Christiano's has probably been a big part of your life as a Syosset resident.

What is your best memory of Christiano's Italian Restaurant? Tell us in the comments below.

Jason Molinet February 26, 2013 at 03:27 PM
At least it will live on in song.
Janina Stodolski February 26, 2013 at 06:49 PM
We had a great time at my mother's pre 90th birthday party this past September . We went back a few weeks ago and the food was really bad.
Grifhunter February 26, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Best memory was finding it open 2 years ago after that 15 inch snowfall, not a soul on the road outside at night, skeleton staff, and had one of the coziest, and enjoyable Italian dinners with the family. The current food is very good, the employees are terrific and the atmosphere and locals/regulars who patronize the place are a throwback to better times. No BS new American goat cheese on a cracker offerings: real food well prepared. Couldn't ask for more. And to the new owner- ok, you got your liquor license but I give your place 9 months and a day. Good luck.
DrSteve February 28, 2013 at 02:40 AM
I have lived in Syosset for the past 20 years and I can unequivocally state that Christiano's has had horrible food for at least that long. As far as I am concerned they have headed in a downward spiral and were due to crash along time ago. When I first ate there, I was shocked to learn that this was the place that Billy Joel allegedly referred to in his famous song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." I recall thinking how Billy Joel clearly never knew what great Italian food tastes like. Christiano's was long past its prime and was living on the memories of locals who may have remembered it some 30 or more years ago. Christiano's demise is no loss to Syosset. I look forward to a new and improved restaurant. One worthy of being memorialized in a song...DrSteve
Papa Tom February 28, 2013 at 11:50 AM
OK, well, thanks for sucking all the love out of the room once again, Dr. Steve. This is about good Christiano's memories, though, so here's mine. From the minute Billy lightheartedly dedicated "Scenes" to Christiano's at a 1976 CW Post concert, rumors began circulating around Syosset HS that Christiano's WAS the "Italian Restaurant" and that Billy could be found there any night of the week rolling meatballs and singing "Piano Man" in the toilet. For those of us who were already fans, Christiano's became our Saturday night Mecca, the place to hang out and wait for him to stroll through the door with signed copies of "The Stranger" for everyone. Of course, that always happened when my crew and I were over at the Syosset House diner instead, but the whole "Scenes" folk tale really generated a special energy in that place that stuck around for a couple of decades. But Christiano's wasn't all about Billy Joel and - granted - it certainly wasn't about great food. It was about a "vibe" that many here have described very well. I hope whatever H does with it manages to capture at least a piece of the energy so many of us will miss.


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