Sailing, Sailing, Out of Huntington

Knutson boat yard manager tells the history of its founding and his family in America.

Dan Knutson, manager of the Knutson Boat Yard in Huntington, tells the story of his family, starting with his grandfather's emigration from Norway.

Much of the boatyard's story tracks closely with that of the country, from the depression through World War II.

Ernie Saasto January 19, 2013 at 01:16 AM
Dan, Loved your history, and appreciation of what your father did. I live on the east side of the harbor, and met you when you were running the store on Mill Dam. You may not remember me, but I have also met your brother Pete, from the Marina, and, being Finnish, feel an affinity for the "Nordics," who contribute so much to our country, like your father. Just take a look at the hardware store on NY Ave, with the wonderful murals of our harbor, and, it must make you proud to think that your father had such a big part in this.


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