Fixing a Hole: Downtown Shop Gets New Front Window

Provenance Antiques and Design in Huntington Village nearly back to normal after bizarre accident last month.

Workers were busy repairing the front of a downtown antiques shop in Huntington Monday, nearly a month to the day since a sedan destroyed it in a freak accident.

On June 10, one of two front display windows was destroyed by a driver apparently and backed his sedan over the sidewalk and into the front glass of  on New York Avenue.

Despite the accident and loss of a key display window which helps to draw in customers from the sidwalk, business has been pretty normal since the accident, according to the shop's owner, Pete Besgeier, who was directing construction efforts Monday.

"None of my merchandise got damaged. We were very fortunate, said Bisgeier. "I boarded it up the same day and kept the other door open."

The accident, which occurred on the northbound side near to Elm Street next to the , sent one person in the car to  and damaged a parked car nearby.

In business for 11 years on New York Avenue, Bisgeier said he's heard of similar accidents occurring in New York City but such an incident was uncommon for his store.

Work is expected to be complete this week.


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