Bin 56 May Count Municipal Lot Spots Among Its Own

The new owners of the restaurant sought approval to use spots available in a nearby municipal lot toward their zoning requirements.

Bin 56, a wine and tapas bar at 56 Stewart Ave. directly south of Toast restaurant in Huntington village, was granted approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals for their request that the restaurant be allowed to use a municipal parking lot located across New York Avenue to the south to fulfill its zoning requirement for parking spaces.

James Margolin, an attorney for the eatery, said at the board's most recent meeting that the request was due to a technical loophole that required Bin 56 to have 53 parking spaces available when the restaurant only has 30 seats. The restaurant was classified as a bar because more than 10 percent of the seating are stools.

"It's my opinion that the gravity of the request would not cause any traffic issues or problems," said Wayne Muller, a traffic expert who spoke on Bin 56's behalf.

The board granted the request after reminiscing to the pair about Pomodoro, a now-defunct Italian restaurant that used to be near the Bin 56 site.

Bob Gray, who took over as general manager of Bin 56 nine weeks ago when his brother-in-law purchased it, said the decision simply makes sense.

Bin 56 was formerly owned by Reststar Group, which, in turn, recently purchased Abel Conklin's in a bankruptcy auction. That site is currently closed and under renovation.


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