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Teen's Film Explores Artists' Moral Responsibilities

Northport High School student to screen 'Redemption' at Cinema Arts Center.

East Northport Teen Devon Narine-Singh's short film, "Redemption," a controversial short exploring the moral responsibilities of artists in Hollywood, will be screened at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington on Feb. 3.

Narine-Singh's film was inspired by Hollywood's strange relationship with  infamous directors like Woody Allen, who married his adopted daughter, Roman Polanski, who had sex with a 13-year-old, and Victor Salva, who molested one of the child actors in his debut film.

Each of the aforementioned directors has continued to make critically-lauded films in Hollywood despite proven sexual violations against children. Even Director Francis Ford Coppola, who produced Salva’s first film, still went on to produce some of his later films.

Redemption stars local celebrities Alexia Anastaiso (Adventures in Plymptoons!) and Glenn Andreiev (The Deed to Hell, Silver Night, Sharp and Sudden). Anastasio is famous for directing the documentary, "Adventures in Plymptoons!" on two-time Oscar nominee, Bill Plymptoon. Andreiev is Long Island's horror auteur. His last fiction film was shot across Europe. Another teen from Northport High School, Brian Tomek, scored the film.

The screening of Redemption is semi-private. Invitation inquiries can be directed through the film's Facebook page.


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