Local Premiere of Edie Falco's New Flick, 3 Backyards

The Northport native and Sopranos star talked about 3 Backyards, her new film that was shot partially in Northport, at Cinema Arts Centre Friday.

Soprano's star Edie Falco, a 1981 graduate of , came to town Friday to promote .

The visit had double meaning because, not only did Falco grow up here , but the film

Director Eric Mendelsohn, who won the 2010 Best Director award at the famed Sundance Flm Festival for the new movie, accompanied her to Cinema Arts Centre for a Q and A session with the standing-room only audience following the local premiere.

Throughout the film's promotional tour, Mendelsohn has not been shy in his praise of the Northport residents' generosity.

"It is a sense of indebtedness that compels me to acknowledge the wonderful army of strangers and townspeople who came together in as weird, desperate and ludicrous a manner as any low-budget film that has ever been attempted," he has said.

And Friday he marveled again at how people reached out to him and not only offered him props and but opened their homes. He name-checked more than a dozen specifically. He said that it had inspired him, in turn, to give back to others and his community.

"I don't know people in Northport," he said, but that noted they made so much of the film possible by opening their hearts and homes to him.

Falco talked about how she got her start in acting as a child at the Farmingdale Playhouse where she tagged along with her mom, an actor as well, and called herself a theater rat and was there so much they started giving her parts like "the beggar girl."

She said that she used to assume she would do as her mom did. "That is, you have a life and then you do these lithe plays when you had time."

Her assumption was wrong. Lucky for us.

Watch the video to hear more of Falco's answers. 

Incidentally, when Mendelsohn won his award last year, he became the first to win it twice at Sundance. His first victory, 1999's Judy Berlin with, you guessed it, Edie Falco.

Three Backyards— the story of three residents of the same Long Island town over the course of one seemingly perfect autumn day —  is playing through March 31 at the Cinema Arts Centre.


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