'It's Too Hot to be Outside in This Heat'

Patrons, store owners agree that staying inside is the best move during the heat wave.

With highs expected to reach more than 100 degrees on Tuesday, many local residents opted for the beach or air-conditioned homes. Those who did make it out, however, said they can't wait for the current heat wave to end.

"I came into town for a haircut, but walking on Main Street was so hot that I got dizzy," said Huntington resident Scott Allan. "So I got back in the car, turned on the air conditioning and went home."

Others made it to their destinations in town, but made sure that air conditioning was part of the equation.

"We're going to the movies to see Twilight because it's 103 degrees out here," said Samantha Smaldone, a recent graduate of Cold Spring Harbor High School who stopped outside Herrell's Ice Cream on Gerard Street. "I can't believe how hot it is. The news said it was record-breaking for the day. It's ridiculous."

Addison English, who also recently graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High School, said she was just glad she didn't have to work today.

"I was at my house and it was fantastic in the air conditioning, but I didn't want to sit home all day," English said. "So we decided to go find a place with air conditioning and chose to see a movie. There was no way I was staying outside today. It's too hot to be outside in this heat."

But the recent heat wave hasn't necessarily been a good thing for local businesses, even local ice cream shops.

"We're not really that much more busy because of the heat because nobody wants to leave their house," said Torkel Knutson, a manager at Herrell's. "But at night a lot of people come in because it's hot out and they're already out in town. It improves the business at night."

Susan Winiarz, part owner of The Lite Choice on Main Street, had the same sentiment.

"I think on days when it's really hot people are not as inclined to come into the village and walk around," Winiarz said. "They'd much rather sit in their backyard or go to the beach. So I think the intense heat definitely affects business – without a doubt. ... The days when it's been very hot, day time has been slow but we've more than made up for it in the evening."

Knutson, a 19-year-old Huntington native, added, "It's been too hot lately. It's like 98 degrees right now and every time somebody opens the door to come into the store, it's just a wave of hot air and then the air conditioner has to kick on. I hate it."

The temperature is expected to drop into the high 70s tonight and is forecasted to be in the mid-90s tomorrow. Good luck, Huntington.


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