Gazebo Construction Begins

Glen Cove landmark's first phase of rebuilding expected to be done by Wednesday.

Glen Cove's historic Morgan Park gazebo did not fare well through the storms that hit the city in 2012; toppled by the winds of a July 18 "microburst," its rebuilding was planned almost immediately, only to be delayed months later by Hurricane Sandy.

That plan will come to fruition this week, said Mayor Ralph Suozzi. Steel for the supports is at the site and will be in place by Wednesday, he said, followed by the structure's coned roof.

The steel, fabricated in Greenvale, is one of the only variations from the original gazebo's construction, meant to provide the strength to prevent another collapse. The city is rebuilding the structure to the specifications of the original 1932 blueprints.

Suozi said some components of the construction, like the plaster ceiling known for its distinctive echo, may have to wait until temperatures warm in the spring.

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The project comes with a price tag of $70,700, but the city may be spared any of that money, said Suozzi. More than $5,000 has been received in donations, which will go toward the insurance policy's $10,000 deductible.

With the gazebo serving as a symbol of Glen Cove, its history and its natural beauty, the city made the rebuilding a priority

"It’s on so many things related to the city,” Suozzi said in July. “Our website, papers, buttons I’ve handed out - everything."

The reconstruction might also serve a broader purpose.

"We want to use the gazebo-raising as a catalyst for fund-raising for the parks," he said, noting the state of disrepair city park facilities have fallen into as other capital improvements have taken precedence.

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florence zias November 26, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Way to Go Mayor !! This Town is the Best !!! Proud to be a resident of Glen Cove !!


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